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Liquidity and TELE rate outlook - MIRACLE TELE - $TELE

MIRACLE TELE announcement: "As you probably know by now, our TELE tokens are the driving force and fuel for the project. Perhaps you are one of those who still didn't have time to read our whitepaper yet, so let's take a quick look at figures below to see where we are going next.

All TELE tokens were sold during ICO and no more tokens can be issued or minted. Ta-daa!
Total supply in circulation is only 75,000,000 TELE. What does this means for all token holders? It's very likely the token price will start rising – something that we all have been eagerly awaiting for a while!

Current rewards rate from stacking: €2,62

You are welcome to continue to stack tokens to receive regular rewards or you can get more tele and sell them for a profit in a future.

Liquidity and trading volume will increase after listing in STEX, standby for update!

We suggest to keep your eye on TELE token RATE, we are all set to hit the retail market.

Current Token Rate: €0.20".

Get TELE tokens to start receiving rewards and order your SIM card to call and browse anywhere in the world:
Participate in the telecom revolution now.

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