My works. Children. Autumn.

Recently, in addition to photographing food, I seriously took up photographing people. I am especially interested in photographing children with their lovely smiles and luminous eyes.
Now is the autumn period and just at this beautiful moment I took a large amount of children's photographs among the yellow trees with their bright yellow leaves.

This is a cute girl with pink braids. I wanted to show you her first. I like her hairstyle and mischievous look with an expressive look and sparkling eyes.

I took all my photos on camera Camera Canon EOS 70D and a lens Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.

In the future, I did the processing of all my photos in Photoshop. How do you like this result?

October 2019

Photographer @milaoz

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Great photos! Those leaves are amazing colors!

17.10.2019 19:14

Thanks :)

18.10.2019 03:44