CONTEST: The Best Workshop. 1st Week. (Prize 50 STEEM)


This contest is about creating the WORKSHOP on Steem SkillShare. As @papi.mati mentioned in his post about Community Rules, we can also organise Workshops. The Workshops can put POTENTIAL ticket price in Steem, SBD or Tron or even upvote.


  • You must create a Digital Online Workshop on any Topic in any Language and in any Country
  • You must specify the number of tickets available for purchasing
  • You must specify the exact Date Time (Time zone) and Duration
  • You must say if clients must have experience
  • You must say if they need to prepare any materials before hand
  • You must specify in what language, you are going to conduct it.
  • You must specify Contact Information and Server ( Discord, Zoom)
  • You must explain what Workshop is about, goals, results and etc.
  • You must Resteem this post and Subscribe to our Community
  • Tag @milakz and use #Steemskillshare and #skillshareworkshop. Title: Workshop Idea For Contest: your title.
    ** Invite and tag 3 friends


At the end of competition you can decide if you really want to organise created workshop. As you will see the people's feedback and if there are volunteers to buy the tickets. If you decide to actually organise your workshop, it will be pinned on our wall to get more visibility and clients for you.

This Contest startsnds 06.06.2021 T06nds 06.01.2021 Tshop that recieves the most number of upvotes is a winner 🏆

*Our Community is a newborn, we try to promote it and this Contest. We hope that everything goes smoothly

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What is the closing date for this contest - 1 June or 6 June ?

29.05.2021 00:36

Sorry you are right. it's 6th of June. I corrected. Can you please tell me if you think the contest is ok. As I am still a Newcomer and this is my first ever contest on Steemit.

29.05.2021 00:40

Yes this a good contest with a good prize.

The contest will be included in a future edition of the daily #WinWithSteem contest listings...

30.05.2021 13:53

Wow!!! Thank you so much!! 🤩🤩🤩

Thank you for your great support as we really need visibility!!

30.05.2021 15:51

You are awesome @pennsif. I believe we have the same goal to promote Steem❤

30.05.2021 16:47

Great idea -Good luck everyone.

31.05.2021 01:06

Thank you very much🤞

01.06.2021 06:54

I want to participate in this contest. But I don't understand what it means to say online work shop.

31.05.2021 04:13

Me as well, we really need a sample post, since it is the first week

31.05.2021 07:38

Online workshop is an interactive lecture between professional and students where you teach new information with the help of graphics, images during video session

31.05.2021 08:45

Thank you for your valuable comment. Online workshop means any workshop that you can deliver online. For example: teaching language, programming, astrology, knitting, cooking, design, breathing meditation, art, music, literature, self improving and etc

31.05.2021 08:43

I am going to participate! Thank you!

31.05.2021 11:07

Thank you for your participation! Good luck🤞

01.06.2021 06:58

Excellent contest, already participating. I support this community.

Financial Markets Analyst.

31.05.2021 11:37

Thank you for your participation! Good luck🤞

01.06.2021 06:57

Делай этот конкурс на постоянной основе! Я уверен, что всё будет отлично!

31.05.2021 12:27

Спасибо! Очень на это надеюсь) Ты бы уже тоже придумал бы конкурс))

31.05.2021 13:32

Сегодня обзор сделаю по граффити и попробую таки что-то придумать!

31.05.2021 13:40

Будем ждать!)

31.05.2021 14:31

Hola, acá les dejo mi participación en el concurso. Gracias por este tipo de iniciativas, socializar el conocimiento es la mejor manera de avanzar como comunidad. Éxito a todos los participantes. Saludos!


Learning Spanish with Steemit Workshop - Contest - Aprendiendo Español con Steemit

31.05.2021 17:38

Thank you for your participation! Good luck🍀

01.06.2021 06:56

Thank you so much!

01.06.2021 08:04

Excelente concurso amigo.

07.06.2021 01:58

Thank you for your participation! Good luck🤞

01.06.2021 06:56

Very unique thing is going on Steem

01.06.2021 09:30
01.06.2021 10:59

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Level 1 0.05 ETH or $12 that’s the entry level
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Level 4 0.2 ETH or $48
Level 5 0.4 ETH or $96
Level 6 0.8 ETH or $192
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Level 8 3.2 ETH or $768
Level 9 6.4 ETH or $1,536
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Is Pyramiding or Ponzi Scheme?

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What is wrong with Pyramid? Or what do you think is wrong with pyramiding?

The word “Pyramid” became negative in the eyes and ears of many due to the fact that many scams are using it in the past and even today. But the word itself has no negative meaning. It is just a label associated with a structure of any organization with a few on top and many at the bottom just like the Pyramid in Egypt, where there is a pointed top that represents the few and a wide base that represents the ordinary masses or let us say members.

If we bring that idea into the MLM or Multilevel- Marketing Industry, there is really nothing wrong with it. All MLM type of businesses will really form a Pyramid on its structure as members are coming in. Imagine that each member has it’s own circle of friends and it happens on many different levels.

That should of course form a Pyramid on its structure from a few into many as members exponentially multiply. So, instead of associating the word Pyramid with some kind of negativity, why not see it as levels of connection among members that strengthens any organization or an MLM business.

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To become successful with anything, we really need a connection. No one can thrive alone, as they said “no man is an island.” So we need to be part of any pyramid or organization to eliminate our own limitation to be able to produce results greater than what we can do being alone.

Now,It is a Pyramiding? My Answer is a BIG YES!

Is it a Ponzi Scheme?

First let us define what PONZI SCHEME is. According to WikiPedia, a Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. The scheme leads victims to believe that profits are coming from product sales or other means, and they remain unaware that other investors are the source of funds. Wikipedia

If the above definition of PONZI Scheme is right, then it must NOT be a Ponzi Scheme. Why?


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Ponzi Scheme is clearly with an intention of fraud.It’s intention is to create millions of dollars among members.

Ponzi Scheme leads victims to believe that profits are coming from product sales or other means.It is transparent and all joning members are aware of how and where the money comes from and they join with their own will and consent.

So, if that definition of Ponzi Scheme is what we all believed to be right, that’s very clear that it is different and it is not.

Although I understand the concerns and issues of those who are really skeptics. Their argument is that it is a Ponzi and a Pyramiding Scheme because only the people on top will benefit and the rest at the bottom will cry.

Well that’s really possible if you as a member will not do your part. If you join this platform and do nothing, you just go there and wait for something to happen, then nothing will happen, it is better to cry in advance if you want.

What it brings is an equal opportunity for all joining members. It is a kind of seed of a good fruit. You have to plant and water to grow and you will reap the fruit. You have to work on it, exert some effort and spend some resources. If you just receive it and keep it somewhere it will not bring you anything.

Anyone can make huge income grated than their sponsors. So the idea that only those who are on top will benefit.

How to join This Program?

You have to decide first what device you will be using. It could be an Android Phone or a Laptop Computer. If done, you just need to have a kind of Ethereum wallet address that can access to the Smart Contract System that works on the device that you are going to use.

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01.06.2021 13:15

Nice ideal,i will definitely participate,but does also included religion teachings?

01.06.2021 18:19

Everything is accepted 😊

01.06.2021 23:40

Ok,thanks so much for the opportunity

02.06.2021 12:56

I enjoyed participating in this contest. Here is my entry; WORKSHOP IDEA FOR CONTEST: By @ebuahsang1

02.06.2021 11:15

Привет! Разместила информацию о конкурсе:

02.06.2021 17:28

Спасибо 😉

02.06.2021 18:04

Great, thank you for your participation. Forex is an interesting topic, I think there will be a lot of feedback🍀

03.06.2021 13:05

I look forward to seeing the workshops!!

05.06.2021 05:16