how the 99% overcome the 1% and restore humanity to balance

The 99 % Numbers game
And how they bank on the fact we won’t
Learn to play it to win…

Did the Framers of the constitution leave us a Trojan horse Just in case times got….. well like they are now? The answer is: Yes, they certainly did!
A little insight into what the 1 % in this country should fear. The 99 % have been complicit in their ignorance of the power they have and the way in which they could yield it. The question is: for how long will they chose to play by the rules they have been tricked into believing exist, with all the evidence that the 1% imposing these unjust conditions on them, don’t play by ANY of the rules, they don’t believe they can be held accountable, and why would they?.
Take for instance the current state of affairs in our courts that clearly show that government officials are not held to rules at all in regards to subpoenas, perjury, or outright federal criminal behavior unless they voluntarily chose to be. They go to court to get each other to comply with court orders. If you or I chose to ignore a court order they would have us arrested, no other course of action needs to take place, its the law and you broke it. So why is that?
The US government in recent years has all but destroyed the constitutions “Bill of Rights” by using the judiciary to rule on the meaning of words and phrases and using those rulings to legislate new authority based on the precedent their own opinion sets. The problem is, this interpreting of the original meanings of phrases was a power they weren’t granted by the constitution to have. The constitution was a written regulation of their responsibilities and control they could exert on the citizens. It states All power NOT granted by this constitution are reserved for the states and or the people. Yet they have turned that around and taken OUR rights, Those enumerated rights, do not imply that they are our only rights, or stand in the place of those “not enumerated rights” Held by the people, No, they intentionally left the peoples rights wide open, and the governments power limited to what was written. They turned Rights into privileges, giving them a stated jurisdiction over US where they had none.
The Trickery is they can’t change the constitution without an amendment, so they replaced it with the UCC, a codified list of all the laws they have implemented, and not 1 of them is legal, as they aren’t mentioned in the constitution which is the LAW of the land! So now politicians, police, etc… sure they take an oath to defend the constitution, but they don’t have to defend it if they don’t use it, and instead use the UCC and statutory law that was meant to oversee commerce as per the constitution. They just decided to make it apply to all citizens instead, they did this through the use of a FICTION. You, my friend, are the FICTIONAL JOHN SMITH, on your driver's license, bank account, and your SSN. You are also John Smith, but that's in your private life. When you go to court you are JOHN SMITH and you agree they can do anything to him and you will suffer the consequences, pay the fines, serve the jail time, whatever they wish or that the UCC allows them to do.
In short the game is this: We have three branches of government who use each other to give themselves power over some facet of our lives. Its portrayed as the Supreme Court giving Congress the power, But what it is, in fact, is the US government giving the US government power, and it (power) has to come from somewhere, and thats the people, there is no other source in the equation. It is really that simple. You can’t get something from nothing, but the American people have been lead to believe this power being delegated has always been governments to delegate, but it's not, and can’t be unless an amendment to the constitution is voted in and ratified by the majority of the states… That's the only way to change the real law of the land!
Well, the Framers of the constitution were worried that the government might try to usurp what they had fought for and so they left a huge back door open just in case: “the justice system”. It is a people's last hope to level the field against an out of control group of politicians who have corrupted every facet of American Idealism for nothing more than money. Every facet except the justice system, that they haven’t completely corrupted yet because they are still using it to take the power out of “We The People” and give it to the State or Federal government via the legislatures, but they will eventually. Until they do that is the Trojan horse that can right this ship, level the field, and bring politicians back down to serving the people and not ruling the people, or fleecing the people as it were.
So let's focus on just these two seemingly small facts: There is a back door, and it’s currently wide open. So how does this “door” bring a nation run amok, to heal? We just use it as it was intended, a door to the Justice System to right the wrongs, to hold the guilty accountable and let it serve as a deterrent for those who would choose to go down the path of the guilty and condemned. The 99% of us that make up this country are the responsible, honest, duty-bound citizens that the Courts rely on to find the guilty and punish them. Only they only serve up our neighbors to punish. You don’t see MBS in a court of law being tried for Jamal KASHOOGHI do you? Or the bankers who crashed the Real Estate market in 2008, and made billions while causing over 190 million foreclosures, and the onset of homelessness currently wreaking havoc on our country. . You don’t get to hold them accountable. OR DO YOU? YES, YOU DO AND CAN, AND SHOULD IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO! It won’t square with your morals at first, but give it some thought… Why is it we are so happy to condemn our neighbors and so afraid to punish the true criminals that are actually a threat to our children, our families and our freedom? Politicians and Bankers are the scourge of society but they dress well and drive nice cars so we give them a pass! BUT What If:

In some small fictional town we will name “ accountability falls, OR” population 5000 eat. In 1842 it has its own court system, city council, etc… The residents of this town are real American’s and they have known each other’s families for generations. They trust each-other when they say they will do something they are there and they do it. Things are still done on a handshake and a promise because you can’t skirt your honor or responsibilities in this town because everyone knows everyone, and that power of community is exactly what the constitution was meant to instill in the citizenry, and it has in this one town.
Now one of our residents in Accountability gets a federal suit against him and they are taking his land for some new highway or pipeline and not treating him fairly, he is losing his land and livelihood. He employs four other residents and they to are set to lose everything. They get together with their local lawyer friend Terry and it appears there is no legal recourse against the government, they have petitioned there governor state representative, congressmen and nothing, they are caught in the wheels of justice and it is going to roll over them.
So they have an impromptu town hall meeting and find out that this is more wide-spread there are others facing similar intrusion on their rights that they have been to embarrassed to admit. The talk starts getting heated and these people who care about law and order and fairness realize that those values they hold dear don’t mean anything to those that represent them in government and that doesn’t square with them.
So someone yells out “what if we make them accountable”? The second one “how”? I have a question, says another: “what if when Senator Shitstain comes here next week and while he is waving to all of us from the steps of city hall I walk up and shoot him in the face?” The angry crowd goes silent. He continues “then bob you will come and arrest me”? Police chief Bob says “yes, of course”. “Then you take me to jail where Shirley will feed me until I get my day in court?” “Ya I guess thats what would happen.” “ok then Jim your office will make a case against me for shooting Shitstain in the face right in front of everyone.” “ya. I would have to.” Says Jim. “Shirley you will be the Judge in this matter? “ “i am the only judge here you know that” replies Shirley. “terry you will be my defense attorney yes?” Terry replies “sure” He continues “then you will set out to pick a jury and go on to trial where you will ask 12 of my neighbors to put me in jail for the rest of my life for killing Shitstain, who doesn’t uphold his word, and has no honor, and is the real threat to our community through the legislation he has allowed to pass enabling the government to unilaterally come in and ruin our community and bankrupt our friends, who are honorable citizens of accountability, who we have known our entire lives.” Silence again…
Talk spreads around town to those who couldn’t make it to the meeting and by next week everyone our man passes is slapping him on the back saying if they get me on your jury you won’t face a day in jail buddy, fuck Shitstain and his friends in congress. So it comes to pass that Shitstain shows up for what he thinks is just another friendly flag waving appearance and a man walks up to him and shoots him in the face.
He is arrested, put in jail, put on trial and found not guilty by a jury of his peers as per the legal requirements of our Government. There is a shockwave sent through the entire US how could this happen. Little by little the underlying circumstances start leaking out by word of mouth and it turns out that all across our great country in small towns everywhere the citizens feel the same way, they to have been getting screwed by those representing them and they too, had no recourse, and had all but accepted that was just the way of things.
Then in a shocking new headline over in Accountability CA, a man just shot the state congressman in the face, and he was taken into custody…. Months later he was found not guilty… You see when you show normal people that they do have the power legally over their government those same law-abiding people might just result to unsavory actions to implement that power where they were earlier unjustly robbed of that power. Normal citizens would never condone murder, but times are no longer normal. People can be pushed only so far before they revert to the same tactics that those in power use against them. The Peasants Revolt in England is a great example of this exact scenario. Only they didn’t have our structured legal system protecting those who initiated it from harm after a truce was reached. They almost brought down the crown with simple weapons and sheer will to enforce justice on those who were pressing them. In today's world, this type of revolt would work and it would work legally. Unless the government openly wanted to show just how far their corruption had gone by undermining the legal system and even then I don’t honestly think they could convict these people because Americans would by then have seen how the law is being used against them by government to press them and take away all the liberty guaranteed by the constitution.
How many congressmen and women would need to be shot in the face to get them to realize they do not work for corporations, they serve at the liberty of the people, and the people will no longer accept that their hands are tied when it comes to granting corporations the rights that people once had, and thus robbing the people of their freedom. My guess is just these two! If it was even a remote possibility that this was going to happen these people that once ruled without a care as to those they represent would change their ways overnight or leave office. If the profits that come from siding with corporations over people came at the price of your life, wouldn’t you? The people coming in to replace them would have this knowledge in advance and therefore all that were running for office would be running to represent the people as it was always intended. The big money that has corrupted our America would evaporate if it couldn’t buy the full-scale fucking of every American and would be replaced by honorable men and women working for their neighbors to have a responsible government that leaves the free people of the country who pay their fare share and live with honor and dedication to American values alone, to pursue happiness, to own property, to live without fear of losing everything, based not on what they do, but what a state or federal legislature says that they can do!
This is the last result in the power struggle to be sure. It is a fictional story of what a government, out of touch, with those it was implemented to protect, might succumb to. People will only take so much and when what they chose to take is then impacting those they love and causing loss, it is a bridge too far, and in the age of information with everyone sharing their thoughts and worries via social media this type of revolt could happen in 24 hours. That is something the 1 % should really take notice of. Remember I said it might not square with you at first, but if you consider that they are doing this to us on a daily basis without batting an eye you come to the realization that it doesn’t end until they are made to be accountable the same as the rest of us, because on a truly level field the advantage rests with the disciplined, practiced, hard working honest man, and not the lazy get rich quick without breaking a sweat, schister, who uses trickery to cheat the honest man of his deserved victory, without a care as to the harm it may cause. Think about it honestly, would you cause another person to suffer so that you could have more than you need, so much more than you need that 2 generations won’t have a worry about needs? Could you watch a family sleep in a car, children going hungry, with their last possessions being the clothes on their backs so that you could build a medical wing at a university with your name on it? NO! The Average person can’t watch suffering and be disaffected, especially if he is the cause. These people I am referring to can, and do, and brag about it with those who do the same. They see a picture of a dead immigrant still clutching his dead child on the shores of the Rio Grande and joke about how he wasn’t a good swimmer, the 99% of the rest of us cry. We might not do it all day, might not let anyone see, but we cry, and we have to because the thought of what made a man take that risk with his child, and the empathy you have to have for his and hers final seconds of life when they realized they wouldn’t make it, pulls the tears from you because your human and if they can suffer that so can you, and that scares the hell out of anyone with a sense of decency. But it doesn’t bother them, it will never be them, or theirs, just like war, that's where the poor people go to die.

Everything seeks its own level. Our world needs balance, It is an immutable truth. Where imbalance and injustice tips the scales they will be righted by the same measures that caused them because that's the law of nature. The people might wait for mother nature or the universe to right the wrongs their government’s doing to them, and if they wait long enough it will surely happen in some way or another, as in the case of the deluge in the Bible, which is a fact taken from Sumerian tablets that people are slowly coming to learn are an accurate account of our history on this planet, but with the availability of information on the many Wongs being committed daily upon them, I wouldn’t hold my breath or bet my life on it!
In America, three people have over 70 % of the wealth. They lobby for every advantage to not pay taxes on that wealth to a President who brags that he doesn’t say taxes on his wealth, and they use a branch of government to ensure that they will not pay taxes on that wealth in the future. Then they come out and say how vital it is for every American to do their part and how the American way is the way of the world, everyone needs to conform to our democratic philosophy, but if you do the math that would set up the world being run by about 190 people. If you look at our world today that is exactly what you have. That is why we spend all of our money on war instead of humanitarian purposes. That is why social programs are always on the chopping block while military spending is over 700 billion per year. That is why you are one paycheck from being homeless and then reliant on your government for any care you might need.
So how long before we reach the tipping point? How much of an imbalance is too much? We will see soon enough I think.

Always be the cause of better effects, give more than is asked of you, if you reach success share your wealth because if it’s kept to yourself, It’s as if it doesn’t exist, and finally, listen more and talk less, it will change your life forever, that's guaranteed!

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