Why I like Spring the most

I love spring, because at this time it becomes somehow more fun in my soul. I sit in the lesson and enjoy the sun, which shines brightly and warmly. When I go home from school, I meet smiling people - they are probably also happy about spring.

It seems to me that something new and unusual will happen.


Most of all, I like to observe how nature changes. Poets often describe this time in verse. From the first days of March, strange things begin to happen around: it seems that someone has turned on a large lamp. The snow melts imperceptibly - during the day it still lay near the entrance, and in the morning it is gone.


Only in the park under the trees does it melt longer. It is worth warming the sun for several days, as the plants begin to come to life. Buds appear on the gray unsightly trees, and the lawns are covered with ultra-bright green grass.

Clouds float across the sky. If you lie on the ground and watch them, then you can have great fun. First, all sorts of horses will be seen, then the mountains are high, you can even see your portrait.


With the beginning of spring, you realize that the birds really sing. It seems that even sparrows are chirping not as usual, but cheerfully and with overflows.

But my favorite spring month is May. Not only because school ends. I love the holiday on May 9: there are many people on the streets, adults and children, music is playing, and in the evening the fireworks are beautiful and bright so that it takes your breath away. Veterans wear military uniforms with orders on their chests. They are so old.


The whole city is probably going to the military parade. I am bursting with envy and pride when even rows of soldiers march across the square, military equipment rides.

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