Electrical safety at home

Electricity has long and firmly entered our lives. A modern person cannot even imagine his life without electrical energy. The discovery of electricity brought a host of conveniences and useful devices into our daily life. Electricity has penetrated into all areas of human life.

This ubiquitous use of electrical energy is due to its relatively simple conversion into other forms of energy. So, with the help of a variety of heating elements, you can obtain thermal energy for heating rooms. Or, using electric motors, you can easily convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

However, one should not forget that behind the apparent simplicity and harmlessness of electrical energy there is a great threat to human life and health if he forgets about elementary precautions and safe operation of electrical networks and household electrical appliances.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the electric current cannot be seen or heard. The human senses are useless here, since the presence of an electric current in a conductor can be detected only with special devices.

Thus, an indispensable condition for the use of electrical energy should be the unconditional compliance with the elementary electrical safety requirements. According to statistics, the causes of electrical injuries in everyday life are not so diverse and have not changed for several decades.

The main causes of electric shock at home are:

  • violation of elementary electrical safety standards;
  • operation of faulty electrical appliances;
  • careless and inattentive attitude to electrical installations at home and on the backyard;
  • repair of electrical appliances and wiring by persons who have, to put it mildly, insufficient qualifications.

Here are some general rules, the observance of which can prevent possible troubles during the operation of household electrical appliances.


  1. Very often the cause of electrical injuries is a violation of the insulation of electrical wiring in places accessible to touch. This is especially true for rooms where open wiring is made. Therefore, it will be useful to periodically inspect and check the insulation resistance of electrical wires. Therefore, if an insulation fault is detected, urgent measures must be taken to restore it.
  2. If, for one reason or another, short circuits and overloads occur in electrical circuits, the automatic switches should be turned off or the fuse-links of the fuses installed in the lead-in boards of residential buildings or apartments should "burn out". To exclude a fire in the electrical wiring, the current settings of these devices must be calibrated, that is, they must operate at currents exceeding the set values.
  3. When operating in-house electrical networks, it is very important to monitor the serviceability of the installation elements of the wiring, that is, sockets and switches, so that they do not cause an electric shock.
  4. The power cords of many household appliances often fail due to a break or break in the current-carrying conductor, which can cause sparking, heating and even fire. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the serviceability of the insulation of the wire and the plug of the power cords.
  5. If it is necessary to repair electrical appliances, it is necessary to disconnect the electrical appliance from the mains. But it will still be correct if you entrust the repair to a qualified technician.


  1. It is very important to pay attention to the grounding of the metal enclosures of electrical installations. This will protect you from electric shock in case of insulation failure and the appearance of dangerous voltage on the body of the electrical receiver. Therefore, electrical networks in modern houses and apartments are three-wire - with a grounding protective conductor.
  2. Do not leave live electrical appliances unattended for a long time.

These simple rules guarantee us reliable performance and safety when using household electrical appliances.

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