Achievement 1-My introduction post to the steemit community.


Hello guys it's such a wonderful feeling to write my introduction post on the steemit community.

This is me👇👇👇My name is Ejimkonye Michael Chukwuemeka Am From imo state onu imo l.g.a precisely okwelle I attended my primary school at living word Academy no 10 portharcourt road Aba, I also attended my secondary school at Ss Anthony and Jude's college umungasi Aba Abia state Now Am a bonofied student of University of portharcourt Am studying Business Management 400 level we are seven in my family father, mother, and five children am the second child in my family.

I got introduced into the steemit community by a friend of mine @whitestallion, he told me slot about the steemit community and I just couldn't wait to join this wonderful people. So here I am guys😃😃.


What I aim to accomplish

I aim to be a manager in an oil company I do have goals and desires that I want to achieve in my life that allows me to live my life to its fullest and be content. By fulfilling my aims I’ll live and die without regrets because everything I will have wanted to do has been completed.
In life I hope to achieve:

I want to get a good education to allow myself to be proud of my achievements and be satisfied with my academic abilities resulting in a higher level of self-love and happiness. It would also allow me to go into further education, such as a university, and obtain a degree or other qualifications - it would give me a wider range of job choices and an amazing CV. On another hand, it would satisfy my parent's expectations and that would be beneficial for a good relationship with them. That leads on to…

A solid relationship with my family:
One thing I do want is a good relationship with each member of my family because I have had lots of difficulties with my parents, my relationship with my niece has been up and down but we are on good terms at present, and with regards to my cousins and their parents there is no relationship with them at present. This is due to an argument between my mum and their family - a very complicated situation, but I do wish to become close with my cousins as soon as I turn 18 so I don’t cause issues with my parents. With my parents, it is very up and down due to personalities clashes and more so I hope that when I move out it will be resolved and I can achieve a dependable relationship with them. Continuing on from the topic of relationships…

A romantic relationship:
In the future, I would like a romantic relationship with someone: someone to love and be loved by, share experiences with, and have a genuine bond with. To have a relationship that works and makes me happy would be advantageous for my mental health. The possibility of children would also be an option for my future as the idea of bringing life to the world which would develop into an amazing being is wondrous. I would certainly feel content in that position.

To travel:
Something I have always wanted to do is travel. Greece, Italy, Spain, brazil: there are various beautiful regions out there which I would love to travel and leave a little piece of me behind. The varying cultures and landscapes would be remarkable to behold and to have the opportunity to view them would make me a lucky person indeed. Having someone to share this with would be the cherry on top.

This is pretty deep, but something I want to achieve is happiness. I’ve struggled with my mental health for the past few years and at times it has been so severe I couldn’t see happiness in my future. If I achieved this not only would I have proved myself wrong but I would have reached a point in my life where I can say I have overcome my struggles and I’m still here. I’m powerful, strong and I can do anything . It may be ‘cringy’ or ‘cliched’ but I’m holding on waiting until the day that I can say this.
I may be able to achieve these things. I may not. But what’s important is that I have goals and I will strive to accomplish them.
A good education resulting in qualifications.
A solid relationship with my family, predominately my parents.
A romantic relationship and possibly a family.
To travel worldwide and enjoy new experiences.
Happiness paired with being overall mentally healthy.

I have taken my first step and I know it's not going to be my last in my steemit journey. I wish to learn and progress, improve my writing skills and engagement level. Thanks for having me here. Salu.


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10.10.2020 13:41

Greetings friend @m

Welcome to this excellent platform, I am pleased to see that you have accomplished the first achievement in the Newcomers' Community.

Likewise I invite you to participate in the challenge #Thediarygame, and follow @steemitblog for updates.

10.10.2020 14:58

Thanks man

10.10.2020 19:04

Hi @mickymiller ...... Congratulations on joining Steemit.You have taken the right step in the right direction.

You have a lot of good plans for your life.It shows how bright and ambitious you are.Keep it up.

Follow @steemitblog for updates...You can go ahead with your Achievement 2 post.

onepercent #nigeria

10.10.2020 18:14

Thanks man

10.10.2020 19:03

Welcome @mickymiller, to the steemit community. Cruise around and make more friends through your comments and response. Try as much as possible to complete your other achievements in the newcomers community. Always try to be active and I tell you, the sky will just be where you are starting

twopercent #nigeria

10.10.2020 18:19

Awwn thank you so much sis

10.10.2020 19:01

@mickymiller, this is a great first story, we are really glad to have you here. Engagement is very important here. So it's nice to start by replying all the messages on this post. Then join Communities and be active. Do contests such as the diary game season 3 and other ones. If you support others, you will get huge support too.

10.10.2020 18:22

Thanks man

10.10.2020 18:59

Congratulations on completing your achievement 1 task and welcome to the steemit platform full of great minds, contests and fun activities. Do not miss any of these opportunities. Follow @steemitblog for more updates and waiting for your interesting diary entries.

twopercent #cameroon #minnowsupport

10.10.2020 18:39

Thanks dear

10.10.2020 18:59

@mickymiller, you are welcome to Steemit. Your goals if worked up on is realisable.
Meanwhile, explore steemit, join communities, socialize and as well harness the beautiful things Steemit is got to offer.
This is one of the best decisions you have taken so far, signing up on steemit.
Looking forward to see what you've got for us here.

Best regards from @talktofaith.



10.10.2020 18:43

Wow, thanks dearie

10.10.2020 18:58

U are welcome to steemit community,wish u the very best as u work hard to achieve your goal in life

10.10.2020 19:57

Thanks man

11.10.2020 05:43

Welcome to steemit @mickymiller I am happy you made it to steemit. Congratulations! it is an online community that pays you for your quality and original content.

below are some community you might be interested in.

For writing, the Writing and Reviews Community on Steem by @rishabh99946

Follow @steemitblog for latest updates.
Welcome once again.

10.10.2020 19:59

Thanks bro

11.10.2020 05:38

Welcome to steemit....
This is a platform which can help you achieve all that you desire, nice to meet you @mickymiller.

Congratulations on completing your achievement one task, I look forward to seeing more of your works.

Best regards..!

10.10.2020 20:29

Thanks dearie

11.10.2020 05:45

@mickymiller, welcome to this amazing platform. You indeed have a wonderful life in the future, well done sir.
Looking forward to seeing your achivement2 post...
Best regards from @ninapenda
Enjoy your stay!!

11.10.2020 01:24

Welcome to this great family and an remain bless

11.10.2020 02:27

Thanks bro

11.10.2020 05:42

Hey @mickymiller Welcome to steemit .... You can participate in #thediarygame season-3. Follow @steemitblog for updates...



11.10.2020 04:19

Thanks man

11.10.2020 05:41

@mickymiller you are greatly welcomre to our community @steem alive, you are really in the right place. Explorere the community with those great endowments of yours and get the best out of the system. Is my pleasure having you here. Best wishes.

11.10.2020 04:50

Thanks bro

11.10.2020 05:39

Welcome to the steeemit communitiy my friend where you can achieve your goals. Everyone on this platform is happy to have you here. I strongly advise you complete your achievement posts for a roundup knowledge of this platform. Once again welcome mate. 😁😁

11.10.2020 08:34

Thanks bro

11.10.2020 16:06

You have been upvoted by @njaywan and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit. You may now proceed to the next achievement task.

Keep following @steemitblog for updates.

11.10.2020 09:56

Wow thank you sir I really appreciate

11.10.2020 16:05


12.10.2020 08:02

Thanks dearie

12.10.2020 13:58

Hi, @mickymiller.
Welcome to steemit.
Follow @steemitblog for updates.
Have a nice day

12.10.2020 14:49

Thanks man

12.10.2020 20:10

Welcome to steemit

12.10.2020 16:02

Thanks man

12.10.2020 20:07

Hi @mickymiller.
Welcome to the steem blockchain.
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit.

13.10.2020 12:18

Thanks dearie

14.10.2020 07:09

@whitestallion - @mickymiller hasn't posted for a few days. Is he having any problems with using Steem?

cc @focusnow @beautychicks

21.10.2020 19:03

@steemcurator01. I have reached out to him. Although there has been a crisis in Nigeria. Our city is engulfed in unrest. It started with a peaceful protest and has turned voilent. Am trying to keep everyone safe. I believe he soon will start posting again

22.10.2020 04:47

Hope the situation improves there soon. Stay safe.

22.10.2020 15:32

I greet you Boss

22.10.2020 20:02