Where We Stand

From where They stand
the dread is clear,
Can’t even measure
the depth of their fear;
Echoes of the warring countries
never cease,
Fighting for something
that had gone amiss;
I wonder how it hurts
for them to live —
In a world full of people
who cry, plead and grieve;
Though I may not guess
how sore their core can be —
But if they could only see,
there’s a comforting Truth that could set them free.

From where I stand
I can’t steer clear from reality,
Problems pour down
and never come easy;
But I’m His child—
I belong to the truth,
No fear and terror
can bury me in soot;
The word of the truth
of the gospel,
Laid a promise — His righteousness
will never fail;
And at times that my defenses
are weak,
He, who is Almighty will give me courage
even before I speak.

From where We stand
the severity of hardships could be unbearable,
The harsh persecutions
could be intolerable;
All of these are nothing—
All were meaningless,
For our hearts will always be confident
in His presence;
Remember that we belong
to a city that won’t be forsaken,
We must remain strong
don’t let our faith be shaken;
He, Our God is the one who affirms
our salvation,
So, remain steadfast—
Never let go of your divine election.

Rejoice! Five Years and a Century,
Rejoice! Here We are — ALL standing in Victory.

Art Piece was made by my dear friend, Mr. Allan dela Fuerte.

”One eye sees, the other feels.” —Paul Klee

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Comments 3

Poweful! Love the artwork as well.

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14.07.2019 20:21

Wow! So deep. I'll have to read this a few times to thoroughly digest it.

Namaste, JaiChai

17.07.2019 01:58