Taking care of mental health - Why the weekend is not enough?

Most of us have to approve that we all try to care about our personal things during the weekend, including mental health. You will notice how we rush, how stressful our days go. And we settle for this because we think we with taking care of our personal life during the weekend. But this is the wrong idea, you know!


Our brain needs food, it needs care just like any other organ. And there is no need to say, we need to take care of our mental health if we want to live healthy and happy. But the thing is, we don't pay attention to this. We think we will relax, we will meditate, we will do yoga or some other things that can rehydrate our brain. But we have to understand that our brain doesn't work like that.

The amount of stress, anxiety, negative emotions our mind has to handle is enormous. If we choose to not declutter our mind, give it time to produce positive energy. Mental health needs continuous attention and nourishment. It doesn't work like keeping every negative thing aside and still feels good with it.

That's why every single day is a mental health care day. We should include self-care, mental care in our everyday routine. So that we can automatically process things that are good for our mental health. It's true that the weekend can be best to give extra attention. But we should never settle for the weekend and give extra pressure and produce negative energy just that we can deal with it during weekends.

Mental health care the one most thing that can bring peace and happiness to our life!

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My dear , you should take care of yourself, life is so important more than any other thing you can think of

08.04.2021 14:02