Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great. I am glad to participate in this contest to share what I have learnt lately on steemit. It's about two months now that I joined steemit but I learnt this important things lately.


  • That Steem is a cryptocurrency and it's price will always flunctuate. And because of the flunctuation of its price, it creates an opportunity for one to invest his money and make good profit from it. For example, about three weeks ago, the price of steem reached N500 for one steem in my country's currency. But for about a week now, the price of steem came down to N230 for one steem. This means that if one is able to buy more steem and hold, when the price increases, the person will definitely sell and make more money. So steem is a cryptocurrency where one can invest and make profit from the price flunctuations.

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  • The second thing is that I need to increase my influence in steemit, and for that to happen, I need to grow my steem power. If I have enough steem power, I will not always be writing and posting all the time, I will also be voting other people's post to support them. And of course, I also earn curation reward from doing that which is also a source of earning for me. Since I want to increase my steem power, I need to avoid powering down every time and cashing out all my earnings from author reward.
  • I have learnt that I do not need to limit myself to only one community. I need to explore as many communities as I can to participate actively in them as well as interact with other steemians and that is why I am able to find and engage in this contest.

Finally, I need to improve in my writing skills by making sure that I create original content. In fact, I can say that being in steemit has been fun.

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Every community is opened to all but pay close attention to community rules and regulations. Thanks for your entry too.

01.06.2021 11:16

Ok, thank you

01.06.2021 19:32