Thediarygame season 3|| HOW I SPENT MY MONDAY, APRIL 19TH, 2021 || by @michaelu40

Hello everyone, i want to tell you how my day went yesterday being April 19, 2021. I usually use the week day Mondays as a day off from work. For yesterday, because it was a free day for me, i woke up by 6.30 am. The first thing i did was to pray. After that, i started arranging my beddings.

IMG_20210420_090922_6.jpg Arranging the bed

Then i went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


By 8.00 am i got hungry and decided to prepare a little breakfast for myself made up of 3 packets of indomitables with only onion and tomatoes.


I quickly sliced the onion and tomatoes. Then poured the indommitables in a clean pot, added a little water and then the seasonings coming with it. Then i poured the sliced onion and tomatoes at once too.


Withing 5mins, my breakfast was ready.

IMG_20210420_100428_2.jpg Having my breakfast

I had my breakfast by 8.40 am. After a little rest, i started cleaning the house. I usually use my off day to do some cleanings. So i mopped my sitting room and other rooms too.

IMG_20210420_100108_1.jpg mopping the sitting room

By 12.00 noon, i went to the market to buy some food items. I usually use my off day also to make a well prepared dish because cooking is one of my hobbies. So for yesterday, i prepared one of my favorite dishes - fried rice with chicken. I bought the food ingredients. I came back from the market by 2.00 pm and started preparing the dish. Below are the ingredients: Rice (1 kg or 4cups); Vegetable oil (150ml); White onion ( 1 big size); Red onion (1 big size); Green beans (1/4 kg); green pepper (1 big size); peas (100 grams); carrot (1/4 kg); chicken (1 kg); knor cubes (2); chicken maggi cubes (2); curry powder (30 grams); mivina chicken seasoning (10 grams); salt ( to taste); grinded pepper (as desired); crayfish (1 handful); sweet corn (1 tin).

IMG_20210409_144523_0.jpgThe ingredients

I started the preparation. The steps i took include:

  1. I perboiled the rice and wash it about 3 times and set it aside .
  2. Then i cut all the green beans,carrots,green pepper,white onion,red onion and set aside.

IMG_20210409_154641_3.jpg The sliced vegetables

  1. I put pot on medium heat fire and put 150ml of the vegetable oil, then i added the white onion and red onion and allowed it to fry for about 5 mins.
  2. I then added a litre of water to the pot, added the knor cubes, chicken maggi cubes, curry, salt, pepper,mivina chicken seasoning, and crayfish.
  3. I allowed it to boil, then i added the washed rice and stir and allow water to dry, then i added a little more water until the rice is done, but not soft.

IMG_20210409_163411_2.jpg The cooked rice

I then set the cooked rice aside.

  1. I now boil water on another pot,when the water is at boiling point, i added the peas, green beans, green pepper, and carrots. Then i washed the tin sweet corn and added it. I allowed it to boil for 2 mins, i sieve the water and set aside.

IMG_20210409_163527_7.jpg The cooked vegetables

  1. Then i mixed the cooked rice and vegetables.
  2. I then washed the chicken,put it in a pot and added it knor cube, salt and maggi and then allowed it to boil for 10 mins. Then i fried the chicken and served it with the rice.

IMG_20210409_164044_7.jpg The fried served with chicken

I finished the cooking by 4.00 pm. Ate very well and then took my birth. And the next place i found myself was on my bed and that was by 5.00pm. Then i slept off and woke up by 11.00 pm. That was how my day went yesterday. I really enjoyed it.

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What a beautiful delicacy @michaelu40 thank you for sharing with us.
I like it when men cook and help in household chores.
It shows humility

20.04.2021 17:03

Wow the food looks so delicious. I am tempted to say i can get the flavour of your fried rice right from here. The proces is really good and well presented. @michaelu40 hope you will invite me next time. Am sure to prepare mine tomorrow following your steps. Thank you for sharing

twopercent #cameroon

20.04.2021 17:59