Achievement 4 by @michaelu40|| Applying Markdowns|| mentorship by @cryptokannon

I am going to make a write up about stress and show seven types of markdowns that i am going to apply which include: Center text, Headers, Emphasis, Lists, Images, Links and blockquotes.

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Stress can be said to be your body's response to a challenging situation. It is a natural way that your body responds that enables you to deal with a demanding situation. This response begins in the brain. It could be said that everyone has stress to some degree. This means that we have positive stress and negative stress.

Positive stress enables you to react quickly to a situation. It helps you to reach your goals or to perform better, like during a job interview or an exam.

On the other hand, Negative stress which is prolonged or chronic stress is dangerous to the body. It is capable of affecting you physically, emotionally and also mentally. Even a person's behaviour may change. Too much stress can lead one to become depressed or might even start contemplating suicide. Chronic stress is actually something not to be overlooked.


There are a number of factors that can contribute to stress and they are:

  1. The loss of a job
  2. A hectic pace of life
  3. Severe illness
  4. Pressures at school or work
  5. Worries about employment and financial security
  6. The death of a loved one
  7. Divorce
  8. Crime


There are many effects of stress which include:

  1. Stress can affect the cardiovascular system of a person degenerating into high blood pressure, heart attack, and even stroke.
  2. It can affect the reproductive system of a person thereby reducing the sexual drive and function of a person.
  3. Stress can cause body aches, pains, and tension headaches like migraine.
  4. It can lead to irritability, anxiety and depression.
  5. It could also lead to lower immunity and mood swings.


First, you need to recognize that some stress is inevitable. Worrying too much over something you cannot prevent increases your stress. You need to set reasonable standards and know your limitations. This will reduce stress all around you. You need to keep a sense of humor. There is a saying that

laughter adds a day to your lifespan.

When you laugh, you relieve tension and brighten your mood. Also you need to confide in someone who can understand you. There is also a saying that

A problem shared is halved solved

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It is good to talk to someone. Other things that will help you manage your stress include:

  • Avoiding procrastination. Procrastination may lead to a growing list of unfinished tasks. So you need to make a schedule that is practical and stick to it.
  • You need to make out time to relax. Stress is relieved when you do things you enjoy.
  • Exercising regularly is very important. Physical activity can lift your mood and improve your body's response to stress.
  • It is also good to set your priorities, listing your tasks in order of importance and then focus on the more important ones.

In conclusion, stress could affect anyone and that is why it is important for one to take sometime and relelax.

You can also see that i have applied the seven markdowns that i mentioned above in this write up.

I am greful to @cryptokannon, @focusnow and @ngoenyi for their assistance.

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It's nice knowing that you got through with you Achievement 4. Keep moving forward and not relent @michaelu40...

Thanks for sharing

06.05.2021 13:43

I think the worst stress is supposed to be from loss of job.
Especially amidst scarcity.. it can also lead to depression.
Thanks for sharing

06.05.2021 15:27

Wow you carry out your achievement4 task with great info kudos bro👍

06.05.2021 19:36

Good job

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