Love is felt for one, Love is felt for many

Love is a feeling, Love is a state. Love is not an emotion that can be experienced together, as many think. Love is always lived alone. The person who is in love lives his love alone. Love cannot be shared. Because love is not the emotional intensity of a two-way interaction. It is an intensity of emotion that occurs when a single person is affected by the opposite sex.


You can suddenly say to the other person, "I fell in love with you". However, you cannot say "I love you". This would be oddly borne. The intensity of emotions experienced in love is higher than in love. You will experience a great emotional pleasure. You feel nauseous, your heart rate increases, your mouth becomes dry, you become clumsy. However, the person you are affected by does not have the same intensity of emotion. He is more confused.

Mentally, when a person is in love, their mind and logic mechanisms do not work well. Perceptual information is transferred to thought with great intensity not through the mind but through emotion. This prevents us from evaluating events and facts properly when we are in love. Many loves are experienced intense and fast, but they end quickly. The number of happy ending loves in real life is quite low.

Please tell about it. I had a sparrow's wing loaded on forty-bloodeds. Forty couples did not even shoot, it is written like this

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