A season of peace

It is an awakening that begins after the meetings. A resurrection that comes with the April rains. Cold and gloomy winter
a renewal born after months of age. The wing of emotions, the infiltration of living beings into a realm of enthusiasm, the whispering of colors and sounds to the hearts: Spring!


Aside from having its own beauty, spring comes after a difficult season such as winter.
and its rapid passing adds a special value to it. Yes, spring comes from the cold, hardships and troubles of winter, and our feelings, getting rid of the numbness of winter, turn to the horizon of abundance, expansions and beauties with spring. Spring is the name of waking up from lethargy, retreating to darkness, embracing long-lasting beauty that smells of eternity. Isn't it always the hope and pleasure of attaining spring that makes life bearable?

Although the calendars indicate the beginning of spring as March 21st, for me, spring is the spring that comes after the April rains. It has a fake look and beauty of previous temperatures, sun-openings. Spring hides its true beauty, mystery and scenery behind the April rains. The April rains that come one after another do a spring cleaning and prepare the earth for spring. The spring that comes after that is the real spring.

Bahar is a beauty scene. It is as if spring is a divine treat, a divine feast for people who are tired of the hardships of winter, who are tired of the cold and who are closed. Painting nature in the most beautiful of green, birds
Spring is almost a feast of the earth after winter, when the flowers chirping with their most beautiful voices, flowers bloom in the most beautiful tones of colors, rivers, streams, springs flow with a whirl that caresses people's ears, all animals, plants and objects on earth look at people with love and people embrace each other sincerely. In short, it is a season of peace, a season with the taste of peace, spring.

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