Why are the "contradictions between men and women" in society becoming more acute today?

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Some psychologists say that with the rapid development of society, contradictions between people will also reach extreme points.

Contradictions between humans are basically contradictions in interpersonal relationships. Contradictions in interpersonal relationships can be roughly divided into the following categories.

In the family there is conflict between parents and children, conflict between husband and wife, and conflict between brothers and sisters.

In the workplace , there are conflicts between coworkers, conflicts between leaders and subordinates, and even more conflicts between customers and customers.

In life , there are contradictions in work, and there are even more contradictions in retirement.

However, these big and small contradictions are all related to contradictions, that is, contradictions between "male and female".

Without the union between man and woman, there would be no family relations, and there would be no conflict between husband and wife.

It can be said that in today's society, the contradiction between men and women has reached its peak. Men hate women and women hate men. This seems to have become the norm.

On the Internet, we often see statements like that. It could be that men complain about women's crimes, or women don't like men's disloyalty, however they are "harming" one another.

Many people will wonder, the opposite sex does not have deep hatred for us, but why are there acts of hatred between us?

Perhaps it is related to these three psychologies and hostile realities.

The reality of the contradiction between men and women: mutual hostility in the material economy

According to research by psychologists, in Chinese society, when a man reaches the age of marriage and has children, both men and women will experience conflict due to material conflict.

Women and their mothers will choose to ask men high gifts for some personal or facial interest.

And when men realize this fact, they will think, why is this so unfair? He had to pay a large amount of prize money, but a woman only needed an empty glove white wolf.

When the mentality of men like this becomes increasingly "adding oil and jealousy" to inner dissatisfaction, in fact, the concept of men themselves will also change somewhat.

Therefore, if one party asks and the other refuses, there will be irreconcilable contradictions between the two parties.

Like on the Internet, there are those who post the conditions of such a marriage: the man must have a car and a house, and the monthly salary does not need to be too high, just tens of thousands. In addition, a bachelor's degree or higher is required, and the parents of the family must have social security and a pension.

There is also a more demanding requirement, which is to be around 30 years old.

When such conditions are seen by their male compatriots, they actually have such a mentality that they are humble and dissatisfied.

From then on, men will say that he is not demanding, then why is the other party's demand so high? As a result, the contradiction between low and high requirements broke.

The reality of the contradiction between men and women: psychological distortion due to the inequality of the number of men and women

In the past, many people actually only knew about male chauvinism. However, along with the development of society until now, emerged the doctrine of "pastoral women".

What is the "Pastoral Woman" Doctrine? That is the idyllic feminism that spreads wildly on the Internet.

They demand equality between men and women. However, according to them, the hard and tiring work must be done by men. The comfortable life is yours.

This kind of thinking is a very selfish act. What is their basis? That is, women are more than 30 million less than men. They are rare and expensive, and they have advantages that men don't have.

Because men want to marry and have children, and want to be passed on from generation to generation, they definitely need women. Then, the "pastoral maiden" doctrine would emerge.

Thus, when masculinity and pastoral feminism collide, there will be a psychological gap between them.

Especially with the development of society, male chauvinism is getting weaker, and men feel they are in a humble position. Then, they will fight back, and they will have a lot of grievances against women.

As everyone knows, contradictions between men and women are ultimately caused by both parties' uncompromising and incomprehensible.

The reality of the contradiction between men and women: the ambivalence of the struggle for "domination"

In a marriage. Men only wish to control women and dominate the marriage. But what about women? They also want to control this man, and they want him to listen to them.

Just like before marriage, a woman thinks that she should be worth the price. So they will ask for high gifts and expensive wedding ceremonies.

The man believes that he has only worked for many years, and he has no savings at all, and his parents also need to help parents, and he does not have the money to meet women's needs.

In this way, if women think that their domination is not respected by men, they will have conflicts with men, and even hate men who go to simple houses, and look down on poor men.

It can be said that their concept is "ultimate feminism". Compared to male "chauvinism", it is worse than that.

Why did this mentality emerge? The most important reason is that the relations and contradictions between men and women are in transition between tradition and reality. Therefore, the two parties in the transition period will inevitably have hatred and struggles because of who is higher.

It is a social problem shaped by rapid economic and social development and the combination of traditional human thinking and Western open thinking.

Then, the contradiction between men and women increased, which was an inevitable social trend.

However, it must be said that in order to avoid excessive contradiction, both parties need to understand and tolerate each other, so as to achieve a balanced relationship between men and women.

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