When people reach middle age, please don’t be "generous" to them. It seems to accumulate virtue and blessings, but in fact it is "hypocrisy."


There is a saying that generosity is for the family, not for others. Once that line is crossed, it is not generosity, but ignorance.

In this world, most people think that as long as they are nice to others, they will definitely be kind to themselves. In fact, this is an abnormal idea.

You know, no one will treat you sincerely but your family. Even if you give up fantasies, all you get in the end may be gratitude and other people's revenge.

In life, there are more white-eyed wolves than caring people, and after all, the behavior of crossing rivers and destroying bridges is more than just gratitude.

It's like your relatives came to you to borrow money, what are you going to do? Most people think that relatives will definitely pay back their own money. Because they are not outsiders.

However, the more you are a relative, the more you will withdraw your money back.

There is a saying that "money is not close to people, and wealth is not to be said to others."

Don't have money and close relatives with each other, because other people will want your money, and they will also have "jealous, jealous, hateful" thoughts towards you.

And if you have money, don't show yourself too much to tell other people. Because every word you say will turn people against you.

Especially when people reach middle age, please put your generosity aside. This seems like a practice of accumulating benevolence and blessings, but in reality, it is hypocritical behavior.


Why are people not so generous when they reach middle age?

The reason is, when people reach middle age, they have to support their parents, raise their own children, even pay off loans. Your money is only in a state of making ends meet.

In these circumstances, if you want to be able to save well, if you want to have excess money, then you cannot be too generous.

The word generous should be for family members, not for outsiders.

But in life, most people seem unaware of this problem, and show the most generous aspects to outsiders, and leave the least angry aspects to their family members.

People like this, it can be said that they do not differentiate between priorities and do not weigh the pros and cons.

You know, the more generous you are to outsiders, the more the outsiders will treat you as a "big head" and will pressure you from time to time and ask you to give them money.

It seems that you are very nice to your colleagues and friends, you help them in everything, and even help them.

But when you have a problem, or when you are in a difficult situation, how many people will help you? Basically no one.

This society is a "profit-seeking" society. And people are also "profit-making" people.

If you go further and further on the path of generosity, without restraint, you will surely suffer in the end.


I've met someone like that, he's a good old man in the unit.

Whenever someone asked him to do something, he would immediately do it. After all, he was still the type who didn't know how to refuse.

When he was forty-four years old, tens of thousands of yuan were cheated and he suffered huge losses.

One of his coworkers approached him and told him that his house had no money to renovate, and saw if he could give him any help. As long as he was willing to lend him the money, he would be sure to pay it back "with interest and interest" within one year.

He listens to what workers say, and he is too kind, he doesn't want workers to have any psychological burden, and he doesn't want any conflicts in the relationship between himself and the other party.

So he decided that a verbal promise was enough, and that no paper signature was needed.

When he first lent this worker money, the worker was very happy and had a very good attitude towards him.

However, after a few months, he discovered that the worker had blocked his WeChat account and his contact information was blacklisted.

At this moment, he realized something was wrong.

Several days later, he ran to his home in anger, came face to face with him, and asked why he didn't pay the money.

But this worker, he denied that he had borrowed money. Moreover, co-workers threatened him, and if there was no evidence, he would call the police.

Since he had no IOU, he had no choice but to suffer a stupid loss.


In life, like people like this who borrow money and don't return it, they will only oppress honest people and kidnap generous and kind people who have human relations.

Take for example the kind old man mentioned above, the most important reason why he was bullied by others was because he was too generous and didn't have a defensive heart.

In fact, the ancestors put it well: "You must not have the heart to hurt others, and you must not have a heart for others."

You can't hurt other people, you can't cheat, but you can't stop other people from cheating you.

There is a story called "Farmer and Snake". The farmer inside had kindly saved the frozen rattlesnake, but in exchange, the snake was poisoned.

Therefore, one can be a little good while alive, but not very good. This can be a little good, but not very good.

People in middle age, please put away your "generosity". Because of your excessive generosity, it will be the root of your excessive poverty.

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