What is it like to hang NFT artwork on the wall


(Image shows the Fire's prejudice section of the NFT collection)

Bitcoin on The 13th position broke through the previous high of 58 thousand in one fell swoop, stood at 60 thousand dollars, found the thrown plate, and repeatedly saw. The midfield is like this. Each step forward is subject to more resistance, because the limits of people's imaginations are not yet open, the mood is relatively calm, and the power of explosion continues to emerge. This situation reminded people of what Zhouyi · Tugua, Panhuan, Li Juzhen, and Li Jianhou said. When it's hard to get in, you have to hold onto the coins and stay on the right track. Believe that the bull market is still far from its peak, don't rush out of the market. Unpredictable cryptocurrency technology also requires approachable participatory methods to build a broader consensus. Bitcoin, altcoin, DeFi, now NFT.

Several foreign netizens commented on the NBA-themed NFT series:

"A lot of people don't really care about decentralized finance ... But your average person might actually like basketball. This allows you to attract a whole population that may not have cared about crypto before."

"A lot of people don't care about decentralized finance, but most people love basketball. So this could attract groups of people who don't care about encryption technology to enter the world."

After all, for the average person outside of the currency circle, it is much more intuitive and easier to understand images, recordings, and animations than to understand the various unpredictable aerial currency projects. What's more, an NFT brokerage platform like niftygateway can directly support fiat currency purchases, as easy as buying goods on amazon.

The only thing that surprises old chives in currency circles is the NFT price. Why the NFT's cryptopunk (cryptopunk) head could sell for 4200 ETH (the equivalent of 8 million dollars, or about 133 bitcoins).


(Image: Cryptopunk transaction log)

Nothing else, strict top IP + rarity. There are only 10,000 "prehistoric" cryptopunks, which existed before the NFT ERC-721 standard was born, and they have an irreplaceable historical status. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins. How high is the theoretical limit of the cryptopunk NFT price?

Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song said on Twitter that NFT is a new ICO. He may be humorous, but it also reflects the current phenomena of NFT fever. I think the NFT, which was born in a bull market in 2017, broke in this wave, and through the enormous wealth creation effect, completing the popularization, people will eventually receive pure "property" confirmed by the Ethereum blockchain. Digital work, and gradually become accustomed to it. To prove it, I printed an NFT painting I bought and hung it on the wall.


(Image: Printed version of fire prejudice. NFT collector)

You see, once you accept this setting, you can understand it naturally: the painting on the wall is mine, not because it hangs on my wall, but because the NFT of this painting is on my ether. In the cryptocurrency wallet on the Fang blockchain. I own this painting because I have an NFT, and it doesn't matter whether it is displayed in digital form on a computer screen or mobile screen, or in atomic form on a canvas hanging on a wall. Our confirmation of work ownership is no longer determined by the spatial location of the atom in the real world, but by the address of the blockchain wallet, the NFT is in both the blockchain world and the digital world.

In short, NFTs redefine what it means to "have."

Compared to traditional artworks, NFT artworks     don't have to worry about maintenance and damage. You can reprint it at any time. These can be carried with you on your cell phone, and you don't need to be transported by air when you move overseas. It can be printed and hung on the wall of your new home when you arrive at your destination. When I have an NFT on the blockchain, what I print is a real product. I can set it as my mobile desktop, computer desktop, this is the original product. Because the image is part of the NFT art form can be copied arbitrarily without sacrificing "authenticity". But once I no longer have the NFT, all the paintings I print, on my phone, and on the computer will be fakes, fakes, and reproductions.

NFT changes "right".

Take another look at the painting I hung on the wall. I know it's mine, and you know it. This is consensus. When we admire a painting that I hang on the wall, whether it's real or imitation, the psychological feeling it evokes is completely different, and it's mine and not yours, and it creates psychological feelings for you and me. It's also very different. This difference in psychological feelings is what is meant by NFT.

A few days ago, I passed the entrance of the Imperial Capital with my friends and saw a Lamborghini sports car passing by. I took the opportunity to say to my friend: Look, that sports car costs only a million RMB, and can only be parked in a parking lot. There's no way to show it at dinners and parties. And an encrypted $ 8 million punk avatar can be displayed to friends at parties anytime, anywhere, and can even be set as a WeChat avatar. The $ 8 million avatar is a testament to your strength and taste. Every generation needs a unique art form to show a new identity that differs from ancient traditions. The art of NFT is the best form of rebellion against the traditional world by new royals in the digital age.

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