The habit of "wearing shoes" reveals who we are

Whatever choice you make is an expression of who you really are. A show like this can't fool people.

Take the shoes that someone wears as an example, the shoes themselves contain a unique type. Such as leather shoes, sandals, high heels, etc.

A businessman, there is no way he wears sandals to meet customers. This is the most basic professionalism and effective expression of his character.

A person who likes sports will never wear high heels, because high heels do not meet his daily needs and behavioral choices.

So, that simple pair of shoes can reveal what kind of person you are.

Perhaps you will think that the shoes are not all the same, why is there such a conclusion?

In fact, what is represented by certain types of shoes are the characteristics of the needs of certain groups. And if we are divided by personality, we can also have different group characteristics.

These can actually match each other. In this way, your choice of shoes will reveal what kind of person you are to some extent.

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People who like to wear leather shoes mostly have a strong sense of professionalism

There is a group of people who like to wear leather shoes both at work and in their daily lives.

What is the shoe language of "leather shoes"? It is steady and thick. This gives people a more dignified and formal feeling.

Whether you are attending an event or a party, you will be traveling in leather shoes. Why? In your opinion, this is respect for others.

And this kind of respect is a manifestation of "knowing people's love for the world." And the more sophisticated people are, the more they have a strong sense of professionalism.

Such people are often seen at work. They are generous in their behavior and pursue their unique careers, making people feel serious.

Therefore, most people who like to wear leather shoes have experienced life changes and are relatively stable. Pixabay&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=SRP_photo_specially&referrer_url=&utm_%neakers

People who like to wear casual flat shoes mostly advocate a minimalist lifestyle

In our daily life, most of us will choose the type of shoes, namely the casual flat shoes.

Flat shoes are very common, but they also suit the masses. Because, the proportion of people who choose it will be much greater than other shoes.

The "shoe language" of simple and comfortable flat casual shoes. Simplicity is the embodiment of minimalist life, without too many decorations or too much hassle.

Comfort is the most obvious need of the common man. This pair of shoes does not have to be pretty, but at least they are easy to wear, they are not required to have many functions, but at least not too complicated.

Flat shoes, although they give an ordinary impression to people, in fact make people feel the simplicity and freshness of life.

Think about it, the pressure of life is so great, even if you wear shoes, you have pressure. So, isn't that asking for trouble?

People who like to wear high heels have a strong sense of life ritual

Unlike the previous two shoes, there is one type of shoe that is very beautiful, namely high heels.

The woman who likes to wear high heels the most. And they all have a strong sense of ritual life in high heels.

Many people will wonder, what kind of ritual does a simple pair of high heels have?

That speaks comparatively. It can be said that high heels must be painful in terms of wearing comfort.

But why do people swim farther and farther in the sea of ​​"pain"? That's because high heels are necessary for some professionals or people who like to dress up.

Some women want to show a taller figure, so heels are a good choice.

Some women, they want to bring a sense of beauty to others, then high heels are a good choice.

Therefore, people who like to wear high heels value their own beauty, they also appreciate the beauty of life, and they also have a strong sense of life ritual.

People who like to wear sneakers have a restless soul

With the gradual development of life, the concept of sport has slowly seeped into people's hearts.

And behind the concept of this sport is the increasing public demand for sports shoes.

Some men wear a pair of sneakers no matter what they do. Because sports shoelaces give them the impression of youth and lightness.

Some women are in better shape and can match them with sneakers no matter what outfit they are wearing. And sports shoes are also a trend.

A simple pair of sports shoes, symbolizing an active and youthful spirit.

In addition, in most cases, sports shoes can also be versatile. Because it will not be too limited by certain factors, it is not only aesthetic, but also comfortable for people to walk.

You could say those who like sports shoes, most of them are active.

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