Helplessness in middle age is not their lack of money or power, the fact that society "forces you to admit your destiny"

Someone said this on the Internet, there is a kind of helplessness, I have to admit my fate.

Accept destiny? This is something that many of us are unwilling to accept. The reason is simple, because we all feel that acknowledging our destiny is the same as admitting that we are weaker than the heavens, and we are willing to give in to fate.

In this regard, some people have put forward the idea, namely against God and destiny to the end, thinking that my fate is my responsibility.

This kind of thinking is rarely voiced by those who have ever set foot in society. The ones who like to call this kind of fighting spirit are the flowers in the greenhouse or the young children in the ivory tower.

Some young people think that they can change the world and the world when they go to school.

Because they firmly believe that if people work hard, they will be rewarded. This world is just and will not let people return without success.

However, when the doors of society are opened for them, they will see a wonderful world. In this world, there are open and secret battles, as well as invisible and bloody competitions, full of depression.

In general, today's youth want to step back and return to the cage nest.

However, reality urges them to say, accept it or not, you have to go to society to hone it, or you will be eliminated.

From then on, the people whose fate was mine suddenly turned like someone overnight, and immediately lost their previous lofty ambitions.

We don't laugh at young people, but we want to say that this society only tells us one truth, which is life is through the process of denying one's fate.

Some are very sad, some are very embarrassed, some are very embarrassed, some are very sad.

But no matter how you feel, Keren's results won't change at all.

In this case, most people will feel dissatisfied, they think that those who have no money need to admit their fate, and those who are rich do not need to admit their fate.

This view is actually wrong, even though you are the richest person, you still have to admit your fate when you have problems and get caught by others. Because the walls come down and everyone is pushed, this is the reality of society.

For ordinary people, we don't care whether the rich need to admit their fate, we only know that we definitely need to "recognize their destiny."

"Accept Destiny" here. It's not that you haven't done anything, but reality has smoothed our edges and corners, made us obediently obedient, so that we can live as insensitive puppets.

Don't think that we can get rid of this destiny. In fact, however we fight back, we will enter into a state of "confessing our destiny."

This applies to young people, the elderly, and even more so for middle-aged people.

Especially middle-aged people, many of them are already in the "confess destiny" ranks.

Why do we say that the greatest powerlessness of people in middle age is not that they have no money or power, but that society forces us to "admit our destiny"?

It is because people have reached a certain age and they no longer belong to themselves, but belong to our families, to our jobs, and to a cruel and heart-wrenching society.

Just take "car loans" and "home loans," both of which are enough to overwhelm people.

After you pay off your car loan and mortgage, how much money can you have this month?

In fact, there was not much left, only money left that could barely meet the need for three meals a day.

However, your parents have to provide for them, and your children have to go to school. If it's a little more awkward, what should you do when there is a problem with people's health?

There is a very realistic saying, in today's society, wealth and poverty are only separated by hospital beds.

When all the trouble arises, in fact, you and I will fall into an endless circle in middle age. There is just endless sadness every day, but a lack of inner calm.

Middle age is a last resort, no middle age is easy. You will not be oppressed by society, or will be exploited by the workplace, you can say that your body is hard, and your heart is tired.

Therefore, it is only now that someone has put forward the statement that middle age is often the most unfavorable time for a person.

After meeting such a middle-aged man, he wrote in his circle of friends: "I feel like most of my life is a waste of life. I have nothing to gain, and only the suffering of eternal life remains."

This middle-aged man, he was an ordinary employee of a private company, had been in the middle to lower ranks after working for more than ten years and had not yet been able to rise.

In fact, he could go up several times, but he avoided them one by one.

The first time, when he was 33 years old, the boss wanted to promote him to be his secretary. However, because he had a serious illness that year, he missed it.

The second time, when he was 35 years old, the boss saw him working hard and wanted to promote him. However, that year a relative of the boss came to work at the company, and the boss had no choice but to leave him.

The situation was the same after that. Maybe something went wrong here, or something happened there.

In fact this shows a truth, sometimes a person's fate is not completely controlled by the person himself, but only requires the right time and place to match and bless the person.

In middle age, whether you want to "admit fate" or not, you have to remember this sentence, because we can't change society, so we have to change ourselves.

Instead of living an unhappy and depressed life, you might as well fill your mind with sunshine, so that you can endure better.

Recognizing destiny not only recognizes numerology clearly, but also clears the black fog to see the moon.

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