Eight things you might not know about Lauren Cohan as Maggie in The Walking Dead

The biggest news from the ninth season of The Walking Dead is that two long-term characters will leave the crew, one of which is Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln. At San Diego Comic-Con, she has made it clear that she will be leaving the show after finishing filming the ninth season of The Walking Dead, and the rest is what Uncle May wants to tell you today, actor Maggie Lauren Co Han (Lauren Cohan).
The Walking Dead Season 9

Maggie is played by Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan does not explicitly talk about the veteran of "The Walking Dead", she officially joined the show in the second season, but her weight in the minds of fans is no lighter than the veterans who starred in the first season. However, in the ninth season of The Walking Dead, he will be away for a while, and there may be a chance to return in the next plot (it is said that the screenwriter didn't write him to death). Today, Uncle May talked with you about Maggie Lauren Cohan. I don't know how much you know about these things.

Lauren Cohan is British American

The Walking Dead Season 9

Photo of Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan's father is American and her mother is British. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 1982. At the age of five, his parents divorced and his mother remarried a Jew, so he grew up Jewish, but he did not consider himself to be a believer himself. Of course, he said that this cultural habit was very important to him. Even though she was born in the United States, she moved to England with her family when she was 13, so we hear her in "The Walking Dead" and we'll vaguely hear a British accent.

Membintangi "Evil Force" dan "The Vampire Diaries" sebelum membintangi "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead Season 9

Lauren Cohan dalam "Supernatural"

Lauren Cohan's famous work in a narrow sense is "The Walking Dead", but she has also participated in many American dramas before. He debuted in 2005 and starred in a film called "The Quiet Assassin". Then in 2007, in the third season of "Evil Forces", she played the goddess Bela Talbot, good and evil, and played the role of the 500 year old vampire Rose in "Vampire Diaries". In the fourth season of "Supermarket Agent", Vivian's role appears in 5 episodes.

I love small animals and take my dog ​​to the set of "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead Season 9

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan has a puppy named Alvin. He loved this puppy so much that he even took him to the set of "The Walking Dead" to accompany him during filming. Someone once asked him how Alvin reacted when he saw zombies on set. Lauren Cohan said: If you have alcohol or spray on your clothes, which taste salty, it will want to lick them. So actually he likes zombies, because they always have a lot to lick.

Never watched "The Walking Dead" before starring in Maggie

The Walking Dead Season 9

Lauren Cohan's photo for magazines

As noted above, Lauren Cohan was added to the series in the second season of The Walking Dead. Before accepting the role, he had never seen "The Walking Dead". When he found out that he had landed this role, he immediately replaced season one. Compared to Lauren Cohan, actor Rick Andrew Lincoln is even stronger. He hasn't seen this American TV show since he made the movie The Walking Dead ... Similar to him is the small and medium sized "Game of Thrones" Demon Actor Peter Dinlaki, but the reason the little devil doesn't watch "Game of Thrones" is because of him. didn't buy HBO channels ...

Starred in horror films but was afraid of this type of film

The Walking Dead Season 9

A cut of Lauren Cohan's "Doll Contract"

Like many actors in horror films, he is afraid to watch this type of film. As the main character in the horror film "Doll Contract", Lauren Cohan has never watched horror films. She said: "I didn't watch a terrible movie at all, I couldn't do it at all ... If I watched it, it would be very dangerous. I would lose control of dancing with my hands and even hurt other people, like hitting someone's nose. . "

The celebrity he admires the most is Jeff Bridges

The Walking Dead Season 9

Jeff Bridges

Lauren Cohan once revealed that the actor she admires is Jeff Bridges, who won her 82nd Oscar for "Crazy Heart". She said "I like her look, her voice and her smile". Of course, the love she spoke of was respect, and she didn't know about Jeff Bridges. If you have watched "Agent Ace 2: Golden Circle", you must be very impressed with the opposite of "Champagne". This role is played by Jeff Bridges.

Lead lead role in American drama "Mutual Agents"

The Walking Dead Season 9

Photo courtesy of "Joint Agent"

Following the filming of "The Walking Dead", Lauren Cohan will star in the American drama "Scandal" actor Scott Foley (Scott Foley) in the American drama "Whiskey Cavalier" (Whiskey Cavalier) produced by ABC, in which he is As CIA Agent Frankie (Frankie , codenamed "Hot Tribune").

Love life is simple, currently single

The Walking Dead Season 9

Lauren Cohan when he was single

when he was in "The Walking Dead" before, there was a scandal between him and Steven Yeun (Steven Yeun) from Glenn, but intelligent people can only see it. It can be seen that this is either the fan's imagination or the hype by the crew. Steven Yuan announced the news of the marriage shortly after he left the crew in the seventh season of "The Walking Dead," and the fake news was slapped.

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