Mining Processes the top TRX-based currency in the blockchain.
o RC-20 format.
To further drive the name and value of RAKE token only 100 million tokens will be minted and will never be increased. These tokens can be mined by playing certain games in the platform and watching short video ads.
Mining will be divided into 10 stages with each level having 1million RAKE tokens. Players can mine all the unmined coins for each level until it reaches the next level.


To further value the drive of the RAKE token and initiate it's importance in the game. Bettronlive will apply the so called Golden Hold. This process is done by holding the players mined coin after it's official launch within 24 hours and will be released to each players TRON wallets afterwards. In that way your assets will be locked up and ensure stakes among players. These locked up RAKE tokens can be increased while still playing , participating and being active in the games. This big event will only happen once after the official launch so it is a once in a lifetime and aate whenand be there when their games starts. This is their way of helping the players not lost all their first-time game balances and to continue their leisure activity with out the trouble of losing all coins in an instant. That is because Bettronlive understand the emotions and feeling of a real gambler that would go all out of its assets just to test their lucks and drive their limit for a chance of winning bigger and more than expected.

For your wallets , you must install one of the few TRON wallets accepted in the platform , I suggest you must download TRONLINK on the app stores for this wallet is advised by them and is really needed for future transactions. Just download the app and copy it's wallet receiving address and paste it on the game wallet settings. Once done all your balance and game preferences will be securely updated and saved and will be monitored regularly.

Their main goal is actually to create and implement a mechanism that promotes transparency and trust in the RAKE token and also creating stability to enable further development and growth of the BEm.


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If you don't have that much luck maybe you will lose all your coins , but that is not the end. Every mining level gives you back some percentage of your played coins froampaign pays aning alsds from sponsors short video ads will alys and rewards from will all be staked together and gives all participants a coinback and give players greater chances of winning back its losses from previous games. Dividends are distributed automatically to the players wallet everyday every end of mining period.
All wages and losses for the period of time will go into the dividend pool and is subject for distribution. The more you play the more the RAKE , also the more dividend you will receive back.

RAKE tokens represents a player's share in the entire BetTronLive platform where a portion of all revenue from all Dapps will be shared among RAKE holders. Players will receive Dapp specific TRC-20 tokens according to the amount of tokens they hold. Dividends will be paid out in TRX tokens and distributed according to the proportion of RAKE tokens the user holds.

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