Diary Game Season 3: // Never Ending Season // How I Spent My Day // 19th April 2021 // Written By @mhzonyi (Powered up to 💯)

Hello my lovely friend on steem.
I welcome you all to my dairy for the day .
Isca great day for me, hope your are great too.

Good morning steemit's.
I woke up this morning as ealy as 5:30 am,
I give thanks to almighty God who made it possible for us to be alive in the land of the living.


After praying i did my morning chore's and i prepared jellof rice and sarlad for breakfast.


I came online after eating the food to check my notification on steemit platform,
And on facebook yo reply some message's,while chatting i slept offnin the process.

Woking up around 1:00pm,and their was light so i went to the parlor to see movies.
By 4:30 my nephew came back from school i bath him give him food to eat,he slept off after eating.

So i went to the kichen to prepare dinner for the family.
That was how my day was spent.
Thank You for reading through.

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@mhizonyi it's your breakfast for me

21.04.2021 07:30

This your food is too appetizing 💓💓

21.04.2021 07:30