Diary Game Season 3: // Never Ending Season // How I Spent My Day // 18th April 2021 // Written By @mhzonyi (Powered up to 💯)

Good evening friends.
How are you doing? Hope your day went well?
This is my diary for the day under review.


On this day, which happens to be a Sunday and a mothering Sunday to all Catholic faithfuls.
I woke up at about 5am as started preparing breakfast for the whole family.
I actually in about an hour 30minutes I was done.
I prepared my nephew for church, fed him and went ahead to bath and get ready myself.

By 9am we all left for church.
It we as all fun because of the mothers day.


We returned from church by 2pm, soon after I served lunch.
By 4pm I went out to see a friend towards ogbohill.
I stayed with her till about 7pm.
When I wanted to go, there was this heavy traffic jam, that eventually, I managed to arrive home by 9:30pm.


I had my bath, ate some fruits from the fridge and went to bed.
That was how my Sunday was spent.
Thank You for reading through.

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Such a nice day,but for me i love that little prince amongst the ladies and most especially his hair.

20.04.2021 08:27


15.06.2021 07:40

Why does the little boy stand out for me?. He's handsome. Hope you had a beautiful day @mhizonyi

20.04.2021 08:31

Yes dear i did

15.06.2021 07:39

Your nephew is so cute, nice family you got.
It's wonderful you had a nice time with family and friends.

20.04.2021 11:15

Thanks dear

15.06.2021 07:39