Good Welding Tools every Welder should see !!!


many tools were invented to work with the welder.
But I will present a few of them, which in my opinion every welder should see.
Hi we go
magnetic angle from Magswitch Pivot Angle 200
Welding Track Carriage Promotech Rail Bull and
Magnetic Magswitch 300 Amp Ground Clamp or
  Dimide Impact Wrench Clamps and
Ready Rest holding torch
Of course, you could not miss welding masks, Speedglas from 3M

  1. Magswitch Pivot Angle 200

Magswitch Pivot Angle 200 has a holding angle range from 28 to 270 degrees, with each axis featuring a Magswitch magnet with a 200 lb. (91 kg) holding capability. Has On / Off function that helps in cleaning . you can use it for pipes and flat mild steel materials . you can already buy it for 88 pounds .

  1. Rail Bull | Welding & Cutting Track Carriage

Rail Bull moves along either rigid or semi-flexible track on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials thanks to rack and pinion drive and tracks fixed to flat or curved surfaces by means of various magnetic or vacuum units. Rail Bull can be used for
    Production of trailers. Tank trucks , Oil tanks and in All applications requiring long, continuous welds at which we obtain the highest quality welds.

  1. Magswitch 300 Amp Ground Clamp

Magswitch 300 Amp Ground Clamp lets welders quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job. Simply place it on a clean work surface, turn it on and start welding.
Turn on Magswitch and start welding. Stays clean with
Turn off Magswitch and wipe away debris. you can buy it for 35 pounds

  1. Dimide Impact Wrench Clamp
    Strong welding clamp Compatible with 1/2 (one half) "impact wrench (1/2 hexagon)
    pos T-handle (replaceable)
    Copper-plated welded shoes and bolts
    Compatible with a ratchet
    all Replaceable clamp shoes
    Designed to meet demanding industrial applications.
    Durable clamp, compatible with impact wrenches up to 400 ft-lbs
    Maximum clamping force: 7700 pounds.
    Manual torque rating: 180 pounds
    You can buy it for $ 119
  2. Ready Rest holding torch
    Torch Rest with Cable Hanger for MIg TiG and MMA welding Torhes
    The height and angle adjustable ReadyRests attach securely to any steel surface for safe and convenient holding of your torch and cable for full access while you work. The unique adjustable cable hanger provides cable control for safety, and ease of handling.
    Store your torch on the ReadyRest to prevent damage and create a clean, organized work area.
  3. Speedglas welding mask series with the highest protection for the welder
    Visibility of the welding spot thanks to 3M™ Speedglas™ Natural Colour in the light state (for both ADFs) and, now, variable colour in the dark state (for the G5-01VC filter)
    Hours of powerful lighting from the new helmet-mounted Task Light (optional)
    The highest respiratory safety classifications for powered air respirators (TH3) and supplied air regulators (B3).
    Protection against radiation, sparks and spatter with the new, high-coverage helmet design and six different coverage configurations using helmet accessories.
    helmet adjusts to get you closer to your weld, while you personalize your airflow patterns.

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