Colletrix: an unprecedented crypto project on the blockchain

One major hindrance to creation of intellectual properties around the world today is the issue of cyber theft, people get discouraged from investing both mental and financial efforts into these things because at the tail end it ends up being stolen by people without due compensation or acknowledgement.

But have you heard of colletrix? A project with a set of brilliant and fantastic team, out to make intellectual properties sacred and agitate due compensation for creators of contents.

About colletrix

Colletrix is one of the first crypto projects providing a non-fungible token which is linked directly with each intellectual property created by intellectual property owners. The NFT are ERC-721 tokens, which will have a separate market place. The colletrix platform will also have its own native tokens, which is built on ethereum (ERC-20).

The major mode of operation of the colletrix platform is in the development of NFT, which represents a particular intellectual property created. And the second is the CIPX tokens which can be used to purchase customised merchandise or provide liquidity on the platform.

Colletrix in a nutshell
The colletrix ecosystem is quite a very simple one, the system was designed by combining different working models to achieve what's undoubtedly the best, the system has 3 major components which includes, owners of Intellectual properties, merchandisers and collector.

Benefit for IP owners
The platform aims to provide intellectual property owners the opportunity to issue lifetime licenses to consumers through adoption of NFT. Each NFT will be designed to be associated with a given IP, resulting in the creation of a secondary NFT-IP market place. This makes the process of rewarding IP owners a whole lot easier.

With colletrix every issue of stolen IP will become a thing of the past seeing as every creator of intellectual content will be given a decent level of compensation and acknowledgement. All of this is made possible through the NFT which is peculiar to every intellectual property created.

Colletrix is backed by quite a number of big projects in Asia and beyond with the sole aim of propelling the project to the next level. Notable among its collaborations is that with undone, animoca brands, bitwork accelerator as well as future Arena. People who are conversant with these companies will agree they are huge and progressive enough to give colletrix the required backing it needs to excel in the crypto space.

Colletrix has the required hype needed by any project to excel, this is why I honestly feel the project will leave its mark in the space owing to these gigantic backings. It is by far the most promising project the crypto space has ever seen in a long while and that fact is not even in dispute.

Final notes
Colletrix is cool project that will go a long way in restructuring the status quo and give a befitting reward to all creators of intellectual properties around the world. Colletrix isn't out to joke but rather out on the mission to protect intellectual contents and give their creators their due acknowledgement.

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