Billcrypt - Is a multifunctional Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists and products!

Now in the business industry are steadily developing those companies that already have a large base of customers, loyal and loyal users and those who follow the trends, innovations and try to implement them in their ecosystem. Many try to create websites, convenient mobile applications for more effective notifications about new promotions and products.

But such updates still require constant attention and a lot of money for marketing research, advertising, because the click of each potential buyer costs a lot of money and becomes more expensive with each new day. Definitely natural development was the emergence of interesting blockchain technology.

At the earliest stage of its emergence, people were able to use it more as a payment system in Bitcoin and it likes its advantages, allowing to eliminate intermediaries in the form of banking institutions, overcome any territorial restrictions, transfers any volumes, have a limited issue and is supported by the community.

The next interesting and useful application was the creation of smart contracts based on Ethereum, which solved the issue of trust between businesses, people and helps to gradually pay the funds according to the terms of the transaction and not to risk the entire amount, which saves both time and gives insurance.

Therefore, the attention and desire of small and medium-sized businesses to this innovation is great and the willingness to integrate, create decentralized applications for their ecosystems is more than obvious. It remains only to find a more simplified way to solve such problems, which is proposed by the project called Billcrypt!

Billcrypt aims to create a global platform representing the technology of the blockchain with many employees, companies, services, allowing to solve the problems in this area primarily with the aid of decentralized applications that help connect the real business sectors with the blockchain platforms.

Billcrypt provides a real and easy opportunity for each company to create its own blockchain ecosystem, establish more trusting relationships with other businesses, users with the help of smart contracts and secure payment systems of its own, leaving personal data in complete security and confidentiality.

This platform will be able to attract investors who will be able to visually determine the prospects for the development of new projects, it will also use its own token based on Ethereum and has the abbreviation Bilc. All this allows you to store your digital assets, receive a club card with privileges in the form of exclusive access to various functions, for example, early participation in the purchase of tokens, in closed sales.

Key Benefits

At the same time, a digital asset of value storage, a privileged club card, which opens access to the project functions, and a kind of ticket to enter the closed pre-sales of the system’s projects, and an internal digital currency for which you can purchase new crypto assets in the form of tokens & ViP of other projects. Each such token & Vip, in turn, also gives significant privileges to the holders and users, and increases their welfare.

Indefinite privileged membership on the BILLCRYPT pl.
Payment instrument for purchasing a part of virtual images (Virtual image Part - ViP, which are derived reflections of real objects).
Growing dynamics and financial flows.

Economy of Token

One-time emission 152 000 000 BILC.
Limited number of tokens.
Deflationary financial model.

Growth Drivers

Increase in number & project development.
Marketing and advertising.
Project scaling.
Stabilization fund.
Constant growth of the payment capacity of the token when new s are connected.

Updated information on the conduct of token sale on the official site

Start ITO 13.05.2019 14:00 MSK / 11:00 GMT
Exchange 1 BILC = 1 $ USD

Currently, an open presale continues, which can be completed at any time when the limit of $ 10 million is reached.

At the time of this publication, amounts converted to BILС reached $ 7 083 531

Now privileged price for early investors = 75 cents / bonus 34%

To purchase registration on the site, or on the application to the address:

Finally, what I can say is the tremendous potential of this company. All-round ICO is very striking. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.
In the digital asset market, I have seen since the end of 2016 what profit percentages the earliest investors could get, these figures could reach up to 10 000%, so we need to pay attention to this opportunity here. Now this company is conducting a pre-sale of tokens, has already collected almost $ 8 million, the minimum goal that was necessary for the development of the idea has already been collected!

In conclusion, I want to say that such a decentralized IT platform significantly reduces risks in terms of investment, connects some of the best programmers in the field of blockchain, experienced and successful professionals from various fields and will help existing businesses or just emerging to solve the problem of integrating these innovations. I recommend to read more about this project on these links below:






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