Steem2dWorld 2.0: This is My Entry Notification and Recruit Tracker for the Contest//07/04/2021//@meymeyshops

The Steemalive Admin,
All protocol observed.

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Did anyone ask me whether I will participate in the recruiting contest? No point answering that question for I am more than 100 percent ready and eager to take the extra mile on-boarding news ones to this great community of Steemalive. I am hereby showing my utmost interest by this post.

I will utilize all feasible avenues to advertise the exercise via Facebook social media, whatsappBusiness, whatsapp, one-on-one prospecting and more.

How to Reach Prospect:

  • My number one list of prospects is my phone contacts. I will be sending short catching messages to relevant contacts in my phone, every morning.
  • I'll book appointment with interested ones among them and arrange a meeting place if they live in my area, otherwise it will be phone calls or chats .
  • I'll make a miniature handbill about Steemit blog and photocopy it then start sharing it to anyone who cares to collect.
  • My target is to recruit ten (10) persons within the allotted period.

I leave the space below for updates of my newbies as they flow in: (UPDATES ON RECRUITS. 18/04/2021

  1. I recruited @beautybb early last week. She has proven her seriousness by writing up 7 posts in few days. See her posts:

I invite you @focusnow to please take note.


I pray and thank God for this contest to be successful.
Yours in-service

CC: @steemcurator01
CC: @gbenga
CC: @trafalgar
CC: @cryptokannon


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