My Promo-Steem Campaign Proposal for @stephenkendal and Submitted by @meymeyshops//9th May, 2021

Dear @stephenkendal,

Sponsorship For Steemit Campaign Proposal

This proposal is borne out of a deep seated desire and plan for an All in All out All the way promotion for Steemit platform. Therefore reading your onerous intent to sponsor a campaign T-Shirts gave more impetus to my heart desire.





I have set up a mini Steemit shop at the heart of my town Aba and inside the Aba South Local Government Secretariat in Abia State of Nigeria. I designed two banners describing our Steemit platform. I have got a projector, two laptops, tables and seats for the shop and so have started inviting people to the said shop to tutor them on Steemit.


Within the last month, I have brought onboard seven persons to Steemit and have engaged in a meetup with one secondary school techers.

Screenshot_20210428-211756.pngMaking a Steemit presentation to Government School Teachers in Aba

In orderr to reach more people with Steemit, I have mapped out a plan with 3 sets of people as my target:

  • Government workers, for them to invest their money thereby making Steemit their PlanB.
  • Youth Corps members (Nigerian graduates doing their youth service), as they converge in the secretariat for their service. These corps members will be highly interested if given the opportunity to listen to a Steemit discussion. Of course some have already shown enormous interest.
  • Business owners on the streets of Aba because there is money on the street.

How to execute the campaign objectives:

A written letter will be sent to the Aba South Staff Union president through his secretary for a meeting with the workers at the town hall located within the secretariat, on a slated date. On the said day I and my colleagues should wear our eye-catching promotional T-Shirts.

Another letter will be sent to the Youth Corps President requesting for a hearing on those days they usually gather for a meeting, usually on Fridays. I and my colleagues will also put on our beautifully designed T-shirts.

Then once in every two weeks, there would be a Steemit Road Walk to attract business owners on the streets of Aba, Abia State. On that said day we must wear our T-shirts while a recorded jingle for Steemit will be playing from a loud speaker fixed in a paid passenger bus. Then of course, a big banner will be hung in front of the vehicle while we walk alongside the moving bus.

How to distribute the T-shirts

We have a Steemit office in Aba rented by @focusnow, so on that said slated for outings, Steemians who converged for this purpose will be distributed with the T-shirts. They are over 80 active Steemit members in Aba city.

The city of Aba in Abia State must hear Steemit's voice and definitely open-minded people must come on board.

To start with, twenty-five (25) T-shirts will be ideal which may cost One Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N1,700) at today's steem current rate of N460.981. That will total
25 x 1700 = 42,500 Naira

But 100 steem is 460.981 multiplied by 100 = 46,098 Naira.
The extra three thousand five hundred naira (N3,500) will be used to design one Steemit banner.

I will highly be grateful to receive your esteemed sponsorship which will be a big boost to our Steem Promotion here in the city of Aba and beyond.

Thanking you immensely @stephenkendal for your anticipated kind sponsorship.

Yours fellow Steemian,

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