Five Reasons Why Spinvest is Amazing For Small Time Investors AND the Blockchain

I came to the STEEM blockchain to earn investment money with my writing, learn more about crypto, and figure out how to make a passive income stream.

I am happy with the results.

Last week however, I had to take a 9-5, which, because I am pregnant, fully care for three other kids, freelance write, enjoy sleep and dislike giving a chunk of my time to an employer, have managed to make it a 9-3. 6 hours a day means no time for blogging.

That's ok. If I am generous with myself, I can say I was earning about 100 combined STEEM and SP. Great earnings if you are a long time HODLer like me. If I am generous with the STEEM Blockchain, I can say that each steem is worth 0.15USD, not so great in the short term. Just one hour of my workweek can make more than the $15 dollars worth of crypto I was earning a week by blogging my little fingers out.

Which brings me to Reason #1 Spinvest is so awesome for Investors and the blockchain.

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 11.50.33 AM.png

Reason #1 invest with your fiat no matter how small the amount

I will happily take my paycheck and subtract $15 USD to make up for the blogging rewards I did not gain. BUT, by the time I upload them to the exchange in the form of litecoin, exchange them for STEEM, and then pay to transfer them to my wallet... my investment will be dwindled.

Spinvest solves this issue for me. WIth their Monthly Fiat to Steem Group Buy I can buy my $15 worth of crypto, and receive spinvest shares in return.

Yes, we still have to pay transfer fees, but you get to share them with your fellow investors.

This won't let me power up like I was doing before. But with Spinvest I am earning more than the 2.19% rate my SP is earning me.

And let's be honest here.

If I am barely blogging, I am hardly curating...

Which brings me to Reason #2

Reason #2 Spinvest Monetize Your Tokens

Even as a small time investor, I accumulated a large amount of tokens. My tokens are still not worth enough to keep me out of the J.O.B, but it's the looooong winter in crypto land, which means that eventually there will be a spring, and eventually, I will be happy to have them.

For now, some of them are just sitting there.

Spinvest lets me take my LEO tokens and my NEOXIAN tokens, and delegate them in exchange for Spinvest Shares.

This gives me a passive income on my tokens.

Reason #3 Spinvest is a Learning Tool

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 11.51.39 AM.png
The program is teaching its users HOW to invest without having to worry about "blockchain drama" (like downvote wars which has left even SBI holders wondering whaaaaaaat?).

Investors don't necessarily invest with their writing and curating. They invest with their capital.

Spinvest invests with their capital, so downvotes don't really affect them, as their earnings come from investing and not from blogging.

I am learning about leasing SP, something that has always been available for me, but I hadn't seen in action.

And I am dipping my feet into other investments, such as silver and gold, which is leaving me in want of buying tiny little gold bullions.

I am also finding myself yelling at my computer screen saying DONT INVEST IN GODS UNCHAINED!!! Which was a proud moment, because I had a well thought out, articulate, opinion about crypto in which my reasoning and explanation was available for me to elaborate upon.

Reason #4 Spinvest keeps it in the family

Spinvest invests in (and on) the STEEM Blockchain. If the STEEM Blockchain is the mother, then spinvest, and Splinterlands are sisters (from different Dad's sure, but still sisters).

Spinvest keeps it in the family. While we have both on the blockchain and off the blockchain investments, many of them are on the blockchain.

Also, we make money from leasing, and, anytime we lease to someone who wants to play on the steem blockchain, we make the blockchain stronger.

Reason 5, Spinvest Keeps us Motivated

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 11.49.39 AM.png
I like to be positive and stay with the cup half full mentality, but one truth, is that there can sometimes be a lack of motivation to keep going in this loooooooooong winter.

Spinvest keeps me wanting to check in and see how my investment is growing, and they have taken it a step further by starting a scavenger hunt.

This hunt is keeping me active, it is also giving the community opportunities to "pay" for missed weeks by burning spinvest shares, neoxian tokens, or leo, tokens. Way to work as a team.

Those are just five reasons why I think spinvest is awesome. Heya @spinvest investors, tell me in the comments why else you love our investment.


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Excellent point. Thank you for sharing this. I did not think about it. I bought some SPI tokens and should buy more. You motivated me some more.

08.12.2019 20:03

Heya, thank you for letting me know. I am happy with my small investment and happy to be making it bigger.

08.12.2019 20:52

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08.12.2019 20:08

Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @metzli.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

08.12.2019 20:09

I love my kitties, and my CATS even more. Even better, the virtual ones don't make me sneeze.

08.12.2019 20:53

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08.12.2019 20:10

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08.12.2019 20:10

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08.12.2019 21:01

Hey @metzli,
Great post about investing in @spinvest, pleased it is helping you grow your nest egg and keeping you motivated (I laughed at the bit about shouting at the computer). Like you, I've become interested in gold 😍.
Hope the j.o.b. goes okay, you sound like you are doing fabulously!

09.12.2019 09:32

The job is a band-aid while I get control of this mortgage and bills. It is fine enough. The person I work for is a serial business owner who loves starting businesses, and although he doesn't hold on to all of them and often misses very important steps (like, hello, 1099's and permits and such) I get to learn a lot about having a business actually make money.

It's not so bad either, especially knowing my bills are paid.

I am already looking forward to quitting. lol. and starting on something else.

Gold is awesome. One of the businesses my boss has is owning a jewelry shop, I get to see gold and coins get bought and sold all day long and I learn a lot about them.

Shame how much value jewerly losses after leaving the store, I sure learned to never buy jewelry at a department store - so overpriced! Well, its well priced, if you value who the designer is and what kind of box it gets delivered in.

10.12.2019 02:59

Is second-hand jewellery a better bet, price-wise?
Good attitude to your job 😎

10.12.2019 09:21

Yes! Used or second hand jewelry already lost its "store brought" value, so its usually a better bet.

10.12.2019 23:58

Yay me! Thank you.

10.12.2019 23:58

You should be auto-voting to curate while you are not here much. Over time, this will make a difference. I wondered where you went :(

10.12.2019 18:48

Thanks for the reminder.

10.12.2019 23:59

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11.12.2019 20:31