Hidden Gem in Winnipeg, MB


Today I met up with an old friend of mine at a local place in my city called "Grace Cafe".

Grace cafe is a independently owned FAMILY business that started way back in 1997. I discovered this place about 10 years ago when my friend told me "you have to try their shmoo cake, it is to die for" even though I'm not into cake, you will be after you try each and every one of their homemade desserts varying from cakes, pies and tortes.


Normally, when I go I get the ham and swiss sandwhich with there house made dressing, which is TO DIE for. But today, being so hot out (31°c) I decided to keep it fresh and get a chicken ceasar salad... my friend got a Greek salad, not only are the portions HUGE, they are also full of love and yumminess... yea I think I just made up a word!


They also sell loose leaf tea in many different flavors and will make you beautiful, crafted, pretty Instagram type lattes.


If you're ever in the area and want some good home cooked, light, Delicious food... check out Grace Cafe in Winnipeg, MB

10/10 in my books!


some photos our mine, some photos I took from their Instagram page
♡follow them on instagram @gracecafehenderson


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