Grasshoppers EVERYWHERE !


Alright, so today while at my moms.. i noticed like a million grasshoppers ... by a million i mean 10... while sitting in the grass with my baby, trying my hardest to get a photo to possibly blog about. Then i thought to myself (noone cares about grasshoppers MM, its not worthy of a post) ... BUT THEN!! ALAS!! i came upon an interesting tidbit of information that i did not know, ABOUT GRASSHOPPERS! so i decided to share my finds and thoughts with you today.

What pondered my mind was, why are there so many of them!? Have they accumulated in quantity over the last few yesrs?! Well.. the answer is ...YES! IN FACT... due to our dry, humid, no rain climate they have doubled in quantity and are jumping around all over the place!


What caught my eye was, apparently not all grasshoppers are the same.. DID YOU KNOW there are freaking 85 different varieties of these little hoppy jumpers... EIGHTY FREAKING FIVE! But thats just where i live in Manitoba, Canada... in the world.. 11,000-20,000!!!! woah, mind. Blown. Want your mind blown once again?!?! out of that EIGHTY FIVE only 4, yep, you read that right, FOUR are pests.(possibly only to Manitoba)

Some pest type ones to keep an eye out for are described as follows:

white stripes that go down their back by their wings
black mask behind the eyeballs
black dots on the wings

who. Knew. Not. Me.

Yes, they are quite annoying, and somtimes ruin farmers fields.. as some of you may find this post silly, but remember.. CIRCLLEEE OF LYYFFEE. Birdies, and other aminals (youre dyslexic not me) eat this hoppy creatures as a main form of food, and act for a healthy ecosystem.


So next time you see one jumping on by like t-i-gg-e-r, say hi. Be friendly. They wont harm you.


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