It seems like no matter how much we claim we hate these tragedies, they are becoming more and more commonplace. The truth is that we've become somewhat dicentized to them, to the point o where now there are some "leaders of thought" using them as business opportunities.


The creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, not only is behind cryptocurrencies these days, but he's also a very loud voice in the political sphere online. Truth is that his streams are very popular, and being it that he's a Trump supporter who defends the president as if his life depending on it, he's created a strong niche with his online presence.

All that being said, after the shooting, which I should say it's absolutely worrying since the motives are nowhere to be found. Scott decided it was as good a time as any to promote his platform, powered by cryptos.

As you might imagine, he's gotten a lot of hate for doing this, but his defense is not entirely illogical. I mean, as far as we know CNN, FOX, etc, don't "work for free", but in his ridiculous defense, he is missing the point altogether.

A somewhat obscure movie comes to mind, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is able to draw the parallels here.

I don't know what to think of Scott Adams anymore. I'm literally watching a bright mind do a 180 on humanity, and I can't understand how it happened at all.


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Rampant resource extraction by the elites is a symptom of an underlying diaease of eventual social collapse. Those who can infer imminent social degeneration and collapse will attempt to extract as much resource as possible from their surroundings. The West is dying, and the rate at which this death progresses is accelerating. Scott Adam's opportunism is the only logical behavior in a society that is experiencing irreconcillable sociopolitical division within itself, facing inevitable economic contraction and disturbance. Those with means will be able to weather the near-future ruin; those without the means need to extract as much resource as possible, if they hope to survive the next collapse.

29.07.2019 17:44

I have enjoyed Dilbert over the years, but this is very cynical behaviour. Just seems like cashing it. At least news companies are conveying information about events. The movement to discredit them has been growing in recent years to levels previously seen in dictatorships. A free press is vital to democracy and dissenting voices have to be allowed.

The number of shootings in the US is tragic. I think it's about one a day on average with multiple casualties. The UK has issues too, but I don't know anyone who has even been shot at.

29.07.2019 20:07

we have a major mental health crisis, but that is a rare topic that most people don't talk about. That combined with how easy it is to get your hands on guns here is a deadly mix.

29.07.2019 20:17

We have one too, but it's much harder to get a gun here. Mind you, someone attacker the local medical centre with a baseball bat recently. Luckily nobody was hurt. That is not the action of a sane person.

29.07.2019 20:20
Not sure why Scott feels the need to be an asshole and use a shooting to promote a referall link. What the fuck Scott Adams...

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