New concept: Race Bending

I'm facepalming right now, because I truly can't believe my eyes. Honestly, I don't know how many types of stupid this is, and the very fact that it's a scandal speaks volumes. However, it does make some sense, the anti-sjw usually become just as ridiculous over time, and it seems this is one of those times.


The outrage apparently is that Halle Bailey, an african american actress has been casted to play Ariel on the upcoming adaptation of Disney's the little mermaid, and yes, they are angry because she's not a redhead. What?

I probed, because I needed and still do, understand what kind of stupid thinking is taking place, and I sure got some ridiculous responses. You see, the false equivalencies, and let's call it what it is, the bigotry, showed its face.


I want to make sure I understand, because maybe I'm the idiot here. But, how is the skin color of a fairy tale about a half fish, half human princess relevant to the plot. I'm serious, please someone tell me. Yes, there are some things that are relevant to the story like.

  • She must be beautiful - Check
  • She must be young - Check
  • She must have a great smile - Check (since she's mute half the movie)

Now, I know what they will say is that they are using the same logic as the SJWs, the ones who get upset about cultural appropriation. Well, I guess that's somewhat true, but they are also missing the point completely.

If the race of the character is a central element of the story, meaning that the story is about specific elements of a race and culture, then it makes sense to cast someone who is part of that culture. This concern, however, is completely missing from a HALF FISH WOMAN!

Also, how about consistency for a change. If you think SJW get upset when they cry about cultural appropriation, and then you turn around and do the same.... What??

How stupid... How freaking stupid.


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Halle Bailey! Well there's no way I'm watching that movie now! This is an outrage! ...because I wanted Dwayne The Rock Johnson to be the little mermaid...

04.07.2019 15:37

The rock would have rocked Ariel... for sure... since he's the rock after all... I say we boycott Starbucks until we get justice.

04.07.2019 15:48

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04.07.2019 15:41

Right? Almost knocked myself out from facepalming.

04.07.2019 15:50

Hahahahaha ah I can just picture that

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04.07.2019 16:13

An excellent overview @meno and apparently racists are still many among humanity, but this is fundamentally unacceptable!

04.07.2019 15:55

I demand to see the Prince of Whales!!

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04.07.2019 16:13

Facepalming is a black thing. When did white people appropriate that? Outrageous!

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04.07.2019 16:15

everybody knows that facepalming was invented by the aztecs... how dare you???


04.07.2019 16:29


04.07.2019 18:19