Mario Lopez Succumbing to the Mob

I've been reading here and there comments and nuanced thoughts on his matter. Truthfully, I feel like we are starting to derail ourselves from reality, and we are doing it with good intentions at that.


Some days ago Mario Lopez, a popular actor who is mostly known for being Slater in the 90's show Saved by the Bell made some comments about parenting, and you might imagine, he pretty much got crucified by "his fans".

To me this matter is complicated, yes, but it's also not so much that nobody is allowed to talk about it, or express an opinion. I mean, we know that transgender people should be respected and accepted by society, but it's not an insult to say most people are not transgender. That little detail seems to escape those who believe parenting theybies is the right thing to do.

To put this in a logical framework, let's imagine that we are not talking about sexual preference at all, but something a little less controversial, like height. Then imagine that I, because I want to be a good "woke" parent, raise my child as if he had Achondroplasia. Yes, my child could have it, he could be a little person, and if he was, It would be my duty to love and support him/her just the same, but treating him as if it's a given? What are the chances of me causing harm? psychological harm at that?

I've not seen any evidence that raising children as theybies is helpful, and I've looked around for it. Truth is that I know that the parents who are attempting this are trying to help, maybe because they suffered themselves, and that's more than reasonable. But again, why can't these topics be discussed? Why is it wrong to suggest what professionals might consider to be the healthiest way to raise a child?

I'm beginning to think the world is losing it...


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There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

This is one of those victims of success paradoxes. Life is so good in the modern world that people have to go farther and farther to find things to get upset about.

31.07.2019 22:43

You know, I happen to agree that is precisely it... Let's get upset about being upset while we are at it

31.07.2019 23:10

I'm furious!

31.07.2019 23:21

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31.07.2019 23:01

In a godless world, men still need something or someone, in which to belive. Attempting to understand neoliberal social politics is akin to rationally explain the Trinitarian doctrine, Mohammed and his horse ascending to the moon, or the Assyrian gods demanding worldly conquests. These neoliberals are religious fanatics who refuse to change their minds, yet are unable to change their topic.

01.08.2019 02:38

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