Isn't trending awesome?

I've been lurking around for a while now. I'm not gone, I'm just observing. That being said, It's pretty sad to see what the trending "people fought for" has turned into. It's just a bunch of SBD potato posts, and burnposts with wrong dates.

As a well known Steemian once said: "If Trending is our showcase window, then we should do a better job" - I guess, we "fixed it"? No?

Sorry to be bitter about it, but, it does seem like those who fought the bots tooth and nail, forgot to take into account the opposing extreme.

As I said. I'm still around, still lurking, trying to build a new life in a new place, hopefully with a better attitude.


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Yup. You nailed it.

It's far from the vision everyone said it would be.

05.01.2020 23:53

Trending always has been, and always will be a dumpster-fire. The idea of a "steem-wide" trending page is ridiculous to begin with.

There's no consistency, or filter of any kind. Relying on just "highest rewards" as an indicator of quality is dumb.

05.01.2020 23:54

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05.01.2020 23:56

"According to the Bible, What is the proper way of teaching children about the Church??"

You follow this with spam? That's your answer to how to teach the bible?


06.01.2020 07:43

I believe both are necessary initiatives at this point of the bear market. Trending might be a "showcase", but Steem price and SBD at a $1 shows health, which should come before a showcase of what we can offer. We'll see a shift in the trending page as we see a shift in the market as a whole

06.01.2020 00:22

Its useless. This stuff they are trying won't work.

06.01.2020 20:45

Exactly what’s been on my mind too.

06.01.2020 00:24

I'm just getting started with my blog, but have followed STEEM for a while. I'd imagine the site suffers the same spam junk every site does. To fix the model, they have to change the model. That's what blockchain does best- go to it STEEM!

06.01.2020 00:28

Well we have been attacking people who build businesses and people who do things that would normally lead to success, like networking and promotion.

We act like it is bad to seek Steem, so... We have burn post trending.

06.01.2020 00:56


06.01.2020 01:30

Conflating profit and prophecy, mammon and metaphysics, social interaction and economic predation, depends on primacy of social intercourse and Steem hasn't put the horse before the cart.

Society has far more valuable aspects and features than it's economy that many folks here do treat and relate to one another, but the structure of rewards isn't suited to promoting that interaction nominally. Instead whales have designed the rewards system to reward them, with nods to society only as necessary to prevent it's downfall.

These nods aren't sufficient, and the blooming society that would float the value of stakes were it blooming is instead dwindling.

Bots were a symptom of that ill aimed economic focus, not the underlying problem. If communities are nominally able to craft rewards structures using SMTs, socially focused speech may be suitably supported in one or some that arise, and provide examples for the rest of us to follow.

Clearly, monetizing our interactions as crassly as is enabled in the current paradigm, is insufficient to promote healthy society, and thus to increase the value of Steem nominally to outcompete other investments. We can be sure that society itself isn't lacking value to produce such economic returns, because that's all that ever has.

Steem seems to be suffering from central planning. The free market of communities that may soon eventuate may resolve that obstacle, if communities are empowered to implement rewards mechanisms that do promote higher social values that drive economic gains.

06.01.2020 07:38


06.01.2020 01:59

I miss you

06.01.2020 08:05

Good to hear you are still around. Trending has always been a problem as it makes Steem look bad. I'm working on a post with my thoughts about this.

06.01.2020 13:20

I am not gone either, and well I try my best when I stop by to drop my little post... I take long from one to another but that also reflects on my own page and blog post, simply I'm writing less long posts. I'm grateful my last posts (even if scarce) were at least seen and feedbacked so that keeps me coming and sharing for sure. I've not had the time to lurk much more though I always stop to see what my friends are up to.

12.01.2020 16:53

for @meno

15.01.2020 04:43

Hey! I haven't been on here in about a year... I came back on to see what was going on and I feel so lost! I mostly wanted to peek in on OpenMic, but it doesn't seem to be happening anymore :( I was starting to see the change and felt like I was getting lost in all the "junk", so I took some time off hoping it would get back on track. - Kate

20.01.2020 16:17