Attempt of Suicidation

It seems extremely odd to me that "all of the sudden" Epstein is found all beat up in his cell. Even more strange that one of the claims out there is that he attempted to kill himself. Now, I'm not saying it's not true, because of course I can't prove it one way or another, but this smells way too fishy.


Elites: Shhhh

You have to wonder how many people visited Lolita Island altogether. Yes, there's more than enough pictures to round up a considerable amount of powerful people, but that's just the ones available. The point is that what about the ones who were more careful? What about the ones who left "no evidence"... or.... Did they?

I'm sure Epstein has been receiving, if not directly, through his lawyers some interesting phone calls since his arrest. I mean, we are talking about the Elites of the world here, and one of them mind you, is a prince. So, it's not a stretch to think that damage control is the main game in town.

Rock and a hard Place

Anyway you slice it it seems like Epstein is royally screwed. To this I say: GOOD! - But, I can't help to think that he might be attempting to cut deals, or hinted as such by giving away some names.

We know that he kept a safe, and we know that some interesting CDs with videos and pictures were safely stored (no pun intended). That being said, it makes little to no sense to think it was just more of his kiddy porn. I mean, this guy is a predator and a powerful one at that, and if he kept collections of this stuff laying around, why would he store some cds in the special safe.

You see, I speculate those CDs are blackmail material. Do I know this for a fact? Of course not, but again, we have to think like a criminal here. He had guests all the time, and from some reports found online, his second Island is still under construction, which means that his funds have not dried out, and maybe he's hoping to get out soon. The question is: How? Who will release him? Will Trump pardon him? That seems unlikely to say the least.

Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice

In the world of twitter the red meat is all over the place with this new story. You see, the idea that the Clinton's have killed hundreds of opponents is too succulent to resist, and currently, as I'm writing this, #ClintonBodyCount is trending on twitter.

Bill is having Epstein wacked.... according to those who believe Clintons to be the epitome of the criminal empire. But, I think it's nothing more than a distraction. I mean, this could be some prisoners who hate Epstein for being rich, for diddling kids, who knows? But of course, nobody can rule out someone trying to silence him.

You see, its not just Bill Clinton who is probably shitting bricks right now, the list is quite long and quite scandalous.

That being said, I suspect Epstein won't live that much longer. Why? Well... he might just get "so depressed" he might shoot himself in the back of the head three times if he's not supervised. Please note the irony of "my prediction".


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25.07.2019 15:21

sigh. Epic Popcorn time. There will be names named. Politicians. Religious "Leaders". Celebrities. Law Enforcement officers. Judges. .......

25.07.2019 15:32

hhhecttiiiccccc. I totally agree with the #clintonbodycount idea - Seth Rich anyone?

I find it interesting how so much of this previously hidden info is all coming to the surface now.

i truly believe in the realm of good and evil, and also believe that this world is only going to get darker. Perhaps this sort of thing coming to the surface is possibly to somehow make it more accepted - the way people are turned off to violence since they see so much of it on TV etc?

25.07.2019 18:02

It seems extremely odd to me that "all of the sudden" Epstein is found all beat up in his cell.

Not just any cell. An isolation ward cell. The only people who have access to it are the ones with the keys.

25.07.2019 19:37

i give him 2 more weeks.... im serious

25.07.2019 21:11

In the #informationwar discord someone made the point that this was a warning. I think he will survive as long as he stays silent.

25.07.2019 21:25

Like a real life movie indeed!

25.07.2019 23:33

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26.07.2019 03:00