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If you choose to be a bitter person, you will not be a better person. If you keep your yesterday alive, you are killing your tomorrow.
Those who keep memories of past disgrace, disappointment, betrayal, hurts thoughts and pictures never see the beauty around them or the good in others. One of the forces that drains our energy and saps power thus limiting us from attaining the best in life is unforgiveness, unforgiveness has never improved the condition of anybody it only distorts Focus by destroying faith and hope. To live in unforgiveness is to dwell in error. unforgiveness has a way of shutting off the gate valve of love thereby stopping us from doing the right things you can never get things right by doing things wrong, why carry a burden you can unload.
Offences must surely come, but blessed is he who does not dwell in offences, you may have the wrong reasons and right to hate that person or people but what will it add to your life. It is sometimes easier to forgive an enemy than Close people who hurts us, I am talking about people who mean so much to us, people we love and care for, it is at such times that we should learn to look back and think. No matter how bad this person has turned out, there was a time they were probably good and kind to you, you don't love people only when it is comfortable but when it is inconvenient,.great men are known for their attitude of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the mark of the strong and the brave, small people and cowards don't forgive. you are not small you are born to do great things. do yourself a favour save yourself the expenses of anger the high cost of hatred and waste of energy on bitterness. Holding on to the past can cripple destiny. you don't lose anything when you forgive, you gain. the truth is there is no revenge so sweet as forgiveness. let go of yesterday and embrace your colourful tomorrow where peace, joy, and prosperity abound. remember yesterday ended last night.
Thanks and remain blessed.

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