Memes Weekly with Memehub E01

Meme War Update

I am calling off the meme war against memestagram as of this post. I got zero response from them, other than censorship. There was not a single rebuttal meme from anyone in the memestagram community. This is a sad state for any meme environment on any platform. There were some dank memes thrown by the Memehub community. Winner of the best meme of the meme war goes to @cmmemes he has received his 10 liquid steem for his meme:

Emojicon Contest

This was the last week of the emojicon contest; we will bring it back in the future. The winner is @shitasharma giving us the first pepe emojicon for commenting, he has received his 10 liquid steem and emojicon add to the website:

The Purge

Instead of contests this week, I am going to spend time in the meme related tags downvoting memes that have been bid-botted. I know there are some users that do it consistently and is one of the reasons memes have a bad rep with the Steemians that been around for a couple years. Dmania's bad acting also hurt memes a lot on steem. I will leave the memeday/memechallenge contests out of this for now. Though, I dont agree with their use of bidbots.

Memehub Explainer Video Series

I have gathered a bunch of my thoughts and organized them into episodes for videos. So, I've mainly been doing prep work to start this up. The first episode will be on why posting memes directly to steem will never work in creating a community that can compare to meme communities on other major platforms. I hope to have the first video out this week!

Development Update

  • More progress has been made on the Steem code. The Devs have been testing out the functionality of basic Steem methods on the test-net. They are beginning to build the core functions for Memehub!
  • More bugs have been worked out. Particularly, notifications.
  • We still need more steemians to get on board the meme train with us.
  • The iOS app is deployed and under deployment testing before being released to users. Here is a screenshot from my iphone.

One Last Meme for @memestagram

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pocketsend:11@memehub, play around with the token of fun - POCKET!

22.07.2019 20:08

Successful Send of 11
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Someone sent you some POCKET tokens. POCKET is an experimental sub-token system which operates on the Steem blockchain. It's like having a custom token without SMT. You can also send some to someone else by just commenting on a post with the following command: pocketsend:number_of_token@recipient_name,memo for example to send 10 tokens to @pocketjs, make a comment starting with: pocketsend:10@pocketjs,This is a gift

I am running Pocket-JS confirmer code.

22.07.2019 20:08

Thanks for naming me the winner of the memewars contest, really appreciated :D. I thought you were going to choose the meme with memestagram checking out the "rewards" on that lady. I'm a bit sad it ended, I still have a few ideas and I think I'm gonna do them anyway, just to throw memestagram off balance once they crawl out of their hole. Really had fun with the whole thing and I wish more people would have joined.
Also really excited how thongs are coming along and I hope you create another contest to keep the creative juices flowing. Cheers man!

22.07.2019 20:20

Yeah, I will def continue to do contests. I just need my voting power this week to do some anti-abuse for memes on steem.

Yeah, the level of enthusiasm for memes from Steemians is somewhat disappointing but thats also another benefit of our platform not being confined to steemians only.

22.07.2019 20:27

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22.07.2019 20:22

Can I log into with my steemit keys?

23.07.2019 14:36

Not yet, The steem code is not live on the platform yet. We are manually giving out upvotes for using the platform until live launch. Check out our blog for more info :)

23.07.2019 15:45

I love your enthusiasm to make this project work. Did you already buy 1 BTC worth of Steem? I think you mentioned that in your interview with @nicholaslive.

You also said you come from reddit. Can you draw some of that crowd to memehub? That would be great.

23.07.2019 15:53

Thanks. I bought 6 BTC of steem back at 0.000085 btc/steem ratio :/ Woulda had a lot more steem if I had waited but I think steem can be brought out of this drop with projects like Memehub that can appeal to the avg internet users in mass and convert them to steemians with low technical barriers.

I still have one btc to cash in for steem; waiting for the btc/steem range to bottom-out. If the ratio gets to .00001 then I will create two new rewards accounts with 50k SP each. In the meantime, there is still a lot of work for me to do on Memehub.

Yes, I come from reddit and plan to launch a marketing campaign to get memers from across all the major centralized social media platforms. But the site is not ready for this yet. Our plan is to just market to steemians while we build up the platform to the point where it is good enough to start marketing to general crypto users. Finally once everything is polished, we will launch the campaign to market to internet users in general that meme from the major centralized social media platforms like reddit and other meme websites.

23.07.2019 16:15

You're a rare breed indeed - putting your own money into the project and not just looking for delegation from Steemit Inc. 👍

23.07.2019 19:42
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24.07.2019 02:56


25.07.2019 13:15

200 lulz later:

25.07.2019 13:38

found it in #pypt discord server, it's fun..going to read it later..

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25.07.2019 23:36

Hey! sigue compartiendo material, ya sea con memes o videos. En lo personal, soy fan de los memes or fun things

26.07.2019 20:40


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Flagged for bid bot abuse

27.08.2019 14:49