Let's Make Memes on Steem Great Again

This call to action is for that laught you enjoy everyday. How that chuckle makes life a bit brighter whilest had. This laugh at a single meme is shared by everyone across the internet that went "lol" at that meme as well. Whether you shared the meme or voted on it, you are playing a part in bringing forward laughter and dankness into the world. Lets build a community of laughter, together, on Memehub.
If you do not know what Memehub is yet, check out our initial announce post.

Upvotes for LULz

We have seen a handful of users, use the site and we learned several things that need to be adjusted, but we need more Steemians to start using memehub as a source for memes and meme-ing. We are continuing to give out upvotes manually for screenshots of your LULz table with some LULz earned from the website, for more info, see this post.

Emojicon Contest

Steemian Memers, this is your chance to leave your mark on Memehub! If you use our platform, then you know that there are emojicons available for use in commenting. Well we are holding a contest for you to get to add an emojicon to the website! Take a look at commenting and the available emojicons on Memehub for examples. The first, second, and third places entries will win 10, 5, 3 liquid steem each, respectively. Comment your entries on this post; all good entries get upvotes. First place entry will be added to the website!


  1. We will be making it cost LULz to post a comment. This is to deter comment spamming. We will continue to adjust how many LULz are given out for what as the userbase grows. As well as fight abuse on our platform in general.
  2. Instead of users bidding LULz themselves to receive part of an upvote from Memehub in our original integration design. We are creating a separate system called "Steem Points" with a set exchange ratio for the cost of steem points per upvote percentage. Steem points will be earned like LULz. This will leave LULz to being a cumlative points score for the plaform itself while steem points handles exchange. Option to have Memehub upvote a specified post will be avilable. Top three memes will still automatically get upvotes rewards daily.
  3. We have been doing server optimizations preparing for app deployment. The website should be running nice and fast. Apps are still on the way
  4. Fixed minor bugs like the daily laederboards.
  5. Working on steem code as you can tell from our test post the other day, lol.
  6. We need users so that we can start a user moderation system. Say if you have earned X number of LULz, you qualify to be a moderator, you vote whether the memes users are trying to post deserves to be published onto the site every hour. This will help filter out reposts, shitposts, back actors, bad memes etc. Then memehub will pay those we calulate as "good" moderators with a percentage of the SBD earned from Memehub posts as well as steem points. This will highly increase the security of Memehub against anyone trying to abuse the system and ensure a pleasurable experience for users. We need to grow the userbase to get to this.
  7. Until we reach the userbase base numbers to implement this more broadly, we will be appointing moderators based on merit and reward them with the percentage of Memehub SBD post rewards and steem points. More on applying to be a moderator for Memehub in the future.

Special Thanks

  1. @askme for conducting an AMA.
  2. @tanbay for the post mentions.
  3. To all ourwebsite users spreading laughs via memes on our website.
  4. Meme of the week winner

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Honestly it's hard to find dedicated memers on steemit and other steemit related websites .

05.07.2019 16:34

thats part of the reason that the site is accessible to anyone and not confined to just steemians.

05.07.2019 16:43

I edited the post to show the winner of the meme of the week. I think this is from your Memehub acct?

05.07.2019 16:52

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05.07.2019 16:42

Looks like a great idea. I wish I had some meme talent but I don’t;)

05.07.2019 17:47

Our system is designed for non-chalant sharing memes, they do not have to be original content created. Just if you find a good meme you wanna share, then share it on Memehub.lol, you dont have to be the one that created it. Or wanna see some funny memes then go to Memehub and up/down vote on the good n bad ones! Lmk if you got any questions!

05.07.2019 18:03

I get it now. Thanks

05.07.2019 20:33

I’m keen to be a meme lord! We should have a meme of week competition on the memehub tag to honour meme lords

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05.07.2019 19:01

Doing it under the memehub tag directly on steem undermines the purpose of the project. But we can hold a competition on the Memehub platform.

05.07.2019 20:07

Soon I joy, it is one day contest or per week.

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06.07.2019 00:11

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06.07.2019 00:57

Steem needs more usd trading

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06.07.2019 17:45
06.07.2019 17:48

There is time for everything, and a time to laugh, and lift the spirit wouldn't be a bad idea.

06.07.2019 18:41

I agree and memes on Steemit will make it bigger, faster

06.07.2019 20:30

Yes, we believe a solid meme platform/culture/community will increase the appeal of steem to internet users. So please start using Memehub for your meme-ing on the regular to help us get the ball rolling. I laid out details in my posts on how we are giving out rewards for different things and soon we will have steem integrated so that the rewards are automated.

07.07.2019 14:17

06.07.2019 23:50

I'm so happy to have found you guys because there is no place to enjoy memes since dmania went offline. For the Lolz ! :)

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07.07.2019 04:50

There is no real sense of community for memers on steem. There are two meme contests I know of but they are full of bid botting. So if you cant bid bot then your contest entry gets slammed to the bottom of the feed. Also, the overwhelming majority of memes in the contests are not dank. So if you are an avid memer thats lived in the realm of hardcore meme enthusiasts like r/dankmemes or r/memeEconomy then the meme situation on steem will make you cringe.

Anyways we really need the meme enthusiastic Steemians to start using the platform. I laid out details in my posts on how we are giving out rewards for different things and soon we will have steem integrated so that the rewards are automated.

07.07.2019 14:14

Really great to hear that. Also I hope you will learn from the mistakes or misfortunes previous meme platforms experinced on steem.

07.07.2019 17:44

After reading this post and previous post more carefully, and also pocking around your website:

  1. the link to memehub from this post is not working.
  2. by emojicons you mean rage comic memes ? ( https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/rage-comics )
  3. what is the minimum number the lolz for an upvote ( don't want to spam the chat ) and until when will we be able to use the current system ?
08.07.2019 08:10
  1. Thanks for pointing that out, I typed the URL incorrectly in the link.
  2. Yeah, I just started with rage comics cause they arent used often as emojis on other meme platforms and are great for commenting I think, but the contest entries dont have to be rage comic specifically. But any meme related emoji will do better than if its not meme related. So say someone used a popular template like bad luck brain to make an emoji for the contest. This explain the concept?
  3. There isnt a set number of LULz for me to give an upvote, I look more for the quality of memes posted by the user, how they gained the LULz, and if they attempted to abuse the system to gain the LULz by spamming comments or something. I still reward abusers currently cause they are pointing how things can be abused to us, which is helpful info. Since its still early and the userbase needs to grow, Ill accept 30 quality LULz for a full upvote. Numbers will change with the size of the userbase.

This system of manually handing out upvotes will be in place until we have all the steem code developed and tested, enough bugs worked out on the platform, and anti-abuse measures in place. Which we are working to have this done as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have anymore questions! Also we have a discord server if you need to report any bugs you find or need to contact us more directly. Memehub Discord

08.07.2019 13:58

Really happy to give a hand in developing a community and ecosystem for memes on steemit, the platform badly needs one.

2 Thanks for clearing that up, here is my entry for the contest:
3 I'll try to use the platform as often as I can and also try to see where the bugs are.

08.07.2019 15:36

I don't know if I'm allowed more than one entry for the emojicon contest but after using the platform I noticed an acute lack of doge and bitch please memes:
bitch please.jpg

11.07.2019 11:15

Me parece una idea genial, para los que disfrutamos de pasar un buen rato viendo memes y simplemente reír a carcajadas.

26.07.2019 20:49