It’s 55 degree weather in the village (About 15 Celsius), plenty of sunshine, my daughter agreed to leave the house and to a walk we went.
The first sight of the mountains dressed as beautiful brides was breathtaking... literally 😊

I took in my pocket three slices of pizza from the day before so we could enjoy them at our favorite field near our house... the pizzas was even tastier than the day before.

Then we ventured higher into the mountain hoping to find some wild Portobello mushroom... yes, it was too late into the season but we found unbelievable types of mushrooms.


There are so many kinds of mushrooms but unfortunately none of these beautiful ones were edible.
Oh well, later that day we were invited to eat a cheese and spinach filled pastry to a friend’s house and food never tasted so good as it did that evening...

What fun things have you done lately?

Live Plentifully

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