Achievement 1: Verification Through Introduction Post by @melick 19/06/2021


Hi Steemians, this is @melick. My name is melick Joshua ages, I greet you All in the name of almighty God. I'm also well blessed in his mighty name. I'm from Nigeria , Taraba state, Sardauna local Government, Area Magu Ward. l am from Christians family, I'm the first son from my parents. My father is a village farmer/my mother plus house wife, I Always love being with them.


Education Qualification

I have completed my GDJSS & GDSS from Nguroje Government day secondary School, And I have also completed my ND, ( National Diploma) in Bali Local government, in Taraba state. With GPA of 2.85 in statistics department. Now I have gotten admission into 200 level in Moddibo Adama University of technology yola adamawa state, and I love it.


Experience With Crypto:

This is my first experience with crypto and I don’t have much fact about it up to now. I know a little bit about Bitcoin. But when I've known about steemit then I decided to study about it. And I'm very interested to know about cryptocurrencies.

My Hobbies:

My most lovely hobby is sports such like football. I love football games with passion. predicting of games is the best thing I love doing. And I also have this believe that one day I will become the best predictor premier league, league and serie A. Another hobbit of mine is listing to music when ever i have a quiet time. I have this motivation spirit in me, that one day I will become the most popular artist in the world.

The Post I Will Create And Look For

I will love to share my daily activities ,
especially events that I like Best. I'll also share about my hobbies and any types of poststhat are related to my hobbies, life events, passion, tips & tricks, plantings, sports & whatever. I like to know about my steemian friends.

How I Found Steemit:

I didn't know anything about Steemit. Untill my best friend @josepha informed me about this beautiful platform. I think this is the useful platform which I was looking for. I feel really satisfied with this. I am kind of gentle person and I like to meet different people of different thinking and culture. I want to connect myself with Steem.

My vote of thanks to Steemit for giving me the chance to express my knowledge & learn from other's experiences. And for also allowing us to get the better happy earninng.

Specially I want to thank the people who
operate this great community. The
admins & moderators are very helpful for
newcomers. Special thanks to @cryptokannon, @sm-shagor, @bright-obias, @besticofinder, @ngoenyi I've started posting here by following your instructions.

Thank you...

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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19.06.2021 14:17

Welcome @melick, here you will find many communities where you will learn and share infinite topics, surely you will have a lot of original content to share with us, you have obtained the approval of your achievement # 01, I hope you continue with the other achievements. I share these links with important information for you to continue training on this platform.


Do not forget to use these tags # Achievement2 and # country, place in Title Achievement 2 and publish from the Newcomers' Community.

I invite you to be part of the Colombia-Original community, in it you can participate and interact, we are an inclusive community.


19.06.2021 15:26

Hi, @melick,

Your post has been supported by @radjasalman from the Steem Greeter Team.

24.06.2021 17:50