My 1st SSEASON DIARY GAME, NARRATION OF MY DAY TODAY. 1st. Nov. 2020 || By @Mekzikho

My 1st SSEASON DIARY GAME, NARRATION OF MY DAY TODAY. 1st. Nov. 2020 || By @Mekzikho



My diary for today @mekzikho,
I thank God for my life today. When i woked up today, Around 6:03am them i prayed to God for permission to hustle today and also ability to complete my 2nd Achievement, on Basic security of Steem. Then i sign in to my account to continue where i stopped yesterday. And finally i completed my 2nd post via the achievement-2.


My regards goes to:

@talktofait: the post i love so much she is ok.

@focusnow: controlling the difficulties we hard in my #country #nigeria. And the way out. Thanks so much.

@ngoenyi: Reading her Dairy of season 3 and other things before taken my bath in the morning.

And then i make sure my kids went to school and everything went well in the morning.
Then i dressed up to my working place for continuity of my hustle.


Arriving at the office and my Graphic design start up straight away without wasting time because i went to the office very late and finally. I designed many jobs,
Like burial poster and the flex banners. Such as this @mekzikho #Graphic_#Designer.


Sample @mekzikho @talktofaith

poster  lolo chinyere 2.jpg

Then after some hours I went to restaurant to eat because i was very hungry. I didn't eat in the morning before leaving the house, i was on concentrating on my kids and my next achievement post.
I tried to introduce my friends about and also #steemAlive. Telling then is a place to compose a good article and earn money. Making use of your Internet subscription for better things that will change life.
Introducing and showing them my first post and how i made it.

Then i went back my working place to complete my day. Then i recieved call from a client to meet him somewhere very chill. Then i decided to talk a bottle of drink to chill my self.
And also discussing #steemAlive and how i made it to get this username @mekzikho, telling him that @talktofaith introduced me.



We had a wonderful moment. My client gave a job to do and also promise to join #steemAlive #newcomerscommunity were there until around 6pm. Then we left. Getting home, and i saw my kids and my happy very excited, we went for our dinner, and i continue to prepare my 3rd achievement post .

Thank you all for patiently reading through my diary. I appreciate you all.
I belong to @steemalive community.


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U really had a great day @ mekzikho.
Nice one bro

02.11.2020 17:26

@mekzikho, nice sharing your diary with us.
I hope your work today in the office wasn't that stressful.
One of this days, you will make a good design for me ooooo.
I'm glad that you are participating for the first time in #thediarygame contest.
I look forward to seeing your daily diaries.



02.11.2020 17:39


02.11.2020 17:52

Thank you very much for your today's did great jobs today @mekzihko. We're so sorry for the loss of your loved one and in behalf of steem Alive, we sympathize with you.

02.11.2020 20:01

Awesome presentation on your first participation for the dairy game. Your day was quite busy ranging from your fatherly duties to work at your establishment. You are great keep it up. Thanks for sharing the details of your day to us

twopercent #cameroon

02.11.2020 21:39

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Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

06.11.2020 03:42