Investment In What Token & Why ? - Who Knows

Investment In What Token & Why ? - Who Knows

Now some days, so many tokens are coming on steemit blockchain. In one-two days, we have seen a new token. I don't understand the complete things going around. Here is a today's screenshot from @steem-engine according to 24 hours volume.


  1. Why so many token are coming here?
  2. What are the use of these token?
  3. Who is the better token from many?
  4. Why anyone token is better than others?
  5. Have we invest in tokens for long term or short term?

    There are so many question are in my mind. I hope that these all questions are also in your mind also.

    I want to invest in tokens, but don't know in which token. If you know the things let me know that, what is the best token to invest and why?

    The list of some token issuer is below:
    @sct @steemspeak @block21.corp @steemmonsters @creativecoin @sportstalksocial @theholystuhl @surpassinggoogle @minnowsupport @actnearn @khaleelkazi @null @virus707 @zzan @donwhale @ror.inven @steem-ace @aggroed @stemgeeks @neoxian @epicdice @qurator @kryptogamers

    Can anyone tell me which token is good for investment for longterm? I waiting for your valuable answer so, that i can plan accordingly. Hoping i will get the correct answer from steemians.

    आप सभी मेरी ओर भी पोस्ट (Post) के बारे में जान सकते है । कुछ के जुडाव में यहां नीचे दे रहा हूँ, बाकि जुड़ावों के लिए आप मेरा ब्लॉग देख सकते है उसमे आपको विवाह समारोह की सजावट से जुडी बहुत सी पोस्ट मिल जाएगी । आप चाहे तो उन सजावटो का उपयोग अपने मांगलिक कार्यक्रमों में कर सकते है मुझे कोई भी आपत्ति नहीं है । अभी की ताज़ा पोस्टों का जुडाव है :


    Token Investment Planning Steeming

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Invest little little in all of them. Who knows which will make you rich.

23.07.2019 17:08

Yes, this strategy is a good, if don't know anythings. I like your feedback.

23.07.2019 17:11

Flagged because the answer is NONE of THEM! Get a clue!

24.07.2019 18:17

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25.07.2019 06:29
  1. SCTM = SCT Token mining. 5. SCT = 스팀코인판. (Coin story)

Have nice day.

27.07.2019 09:07

I have large investment in Realityhub, Steemlro and CreativeCoins. The other I sell part of the airdrop and stake the rest. Congratulations on your reward for being a top five holder in Realityhubs. I look forward to your next post on Realityhubs, I feel like you have special insight due to size of your investment.

10.08.2019 02:33

Thanks @shortsegments for commenting and appreciating my investment in Realityhubs. It looks great that you have lots of investment in good coins. I have invested in RHB because i like the project but sometime i seen very strange behavior of team. Lets see what happened next.

10.08.2019 03:55