The Dairy Game Betterlife by @mehrbanfaiz 03_05_2021

Love steemit Friends Assalam Walekum.I hope you will be well with Allah’s mercy and enjoy every day of your life in a good way.Hopefully you will be achieving a lot on this platform and will have to try to progress.So that's why I am also present on this platform and I am going to post.I get up At 3:00 in the mornings and wash my face and did brush.As you know the Ramzan is come and everybody keeps fast everyday and I also keep it everyday.And after I prepared for the preparation of the urban, I kept fasting and only after that came and went to the mosque to do the prayer.After arriving at the mosque, I did the ablution and offered namaz.I prayed the Quran after performing the Namaz And then I came back to my house and rested for about 2 hours, after resting, I got up again and wash my face.


After washing my face I took my shop keys and went to my shop.After reaching near the shop, I opened the shop and after cleaning the cleaning, the things which were seen, they got an idea in their place. After this, a person came to me who told me that my mobile touch has been broken, can you change it, then I said that it will be changed, after that I made a deal with him and after that I told him that you After 2 hours I will take my mobile, then the man walked towards his house and I grabbed his mobile and opened it. After opening the mobile, I separated his unit. After separating the unit, I put the unit on top of all the seprattor and heated it to about 100c. After heating, I separated it through a bayer and after separating, I cleaned the LCD So that a new touch can be applied to it.After this, I took the second test on all mobiles and checked it and then fixed it. And after about an hour that man came and took his brother and I recovered the money.
The ecology will create Hours after it was time for Namaz Johar, then I went out to joke and send it there and then offer Namaz and then come back to my shop Some such customers came and I gave them the load, And just like that, time has passed and when our head is there, then I went to the mosque for prayer.When I came back after offering namaz, I saw some photos on the way. In which you can see that a plum leaf has fallen And i like it very much.

And after this, I came towards my house and if the vegetable man was standing in front of the shop, then I took him some vegetables and brought him home. As you can see in the picture, the vegetable.

After taking the vegetable, I just came back to work and after working for a while, it was time for the shift, then I went to my house and after the date, after the performed the prayer and I came back home because in lockdown Because shops are closed at 6:00 pm, all of us shopkeepers come to our house. So this is how my day went Hope you liked.



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