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The Dairy Game Better life Beauty of My Area by @mehrbanfaiz 22_04_2021

Greetings Dear steemit friends.I hope you are well with Allah Almighty crops.So this morning I woke up early in the morning and washed my face and hands.After that i have fasted and go to the mosque for fajar prayer.After some time i reached in the mosque and have ablution.After that i do my fajar prayer and recited the Holy Quran.After reciting i stay there for a while for heart peace and then i come back to my home and get rest for 4 hours.After that i getup and get fresh then i go to my mobile shop.Then i clean my shop with brush and start my computer and play Holy Quran Tlawat.After that a mobile come for repairing and i repair it in some time.After that i go to mosque for zohar prayer and do prayer.Then i come back to my shop and open it.
Suddenly the weather is get bad as you can see.




After that the rain is start and the roads are get wet soon.After some time the rain is stoped and then i go to the mosque for Asar and do the prayer and comeback to my shop.Then i sit in my shop and do some work of repairing and the prayer time is come the fast is opened and i go to the mosque for prayer after a while i come to my house and take some meal and go to shop again.


After some hours the time of isha come and i go the mosque for prayer then i do prayer and the trawe for an hour.After that i come back to my shop and close it then i go to my house and take some rest. So that was my day.


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Your post is very good and I have also liked it very much, your post is making me laugh a lot of information.

22.04.2021 06:54

You have done very good photography, you are a man who likes a lot of atmosphere.

22.04.2021 07:27

Sir you have written a very good diary and I like the picture you have made very much you are doing a great job and you have also caught the weather very well in these pictures I really like your post

22.04.2021 08:57

Very nice place.

22.04.2021 10:07