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اسلام علیکم
Friends, as you know Ramadan is in Mubaraka, it is not starting and you are also fasting Today morning I woke up in the morning and first I made a bride, I kept the bride after fasting, after keeping the Roja, I shot Kohli and then I went to the message there, I also offered namaz .
Or I will continue to do the drunken mosque after I have prayed the Namaz, I will keep on defeating it, then I am happy, then I went for free for 6 years there is a lot of green fields where I have Versace Vicky By tolerating, a person remains very fat and healthy and can avoid diseases.
Here you can see that here I have some kind of machines which are used in our everyday life, these kind of machines are very sweet which we hope from every working machines and we also get a lot of benefit from machines. That our lives are working in your life, such as to grind flour and to celebrate dirty and Come in handy .
As you friends are seeing that this machine is of very different quality, with this machine we make flour, by making it by hand, then we filter it in dirty and dirty and come in it and the machines will be very beneficial. I also gain a lot from these machines, as you see Istema's machines are very useful.



I hope I will follow all my friends in my eyes and will also do this in more and more posts as you know. As you know, how much you will follow on this post and you will also like my post.

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