Beauty Of My Area by @mehrbanfaiz 08_05_2021


Dear steemit friends how are you.I hope you are well and passing every moment of death well and I am alhamdulillah well.Today I am going to share with you such a picture which is our Close tomb.We have some friends after the prayer of Asar, reached the court of our house and we take some pictures and prayed, after praying, After this, history was about to happen in time, so we had about 10 minutes of happiness in the whole trapped by our house.
The court you are seeing in this picture is an incident close to our city where many people go to confess their prayers.The name of this court is Shakhi Lal Habib.
In this picture, you can see that there are many threads which have been planted by the followers of this court so that their heartfelt wishes can be fulfilled.
In this picture you can see because there is a job which looks very beautiful, it is also very close to the court, which adds to the beauty of the court.
You can see in this picture where I come from outside. I have sunflower flowers which look very beautiful, so I took a picture of it so I can share it with you.
Khuda Hafiz to meet you on my next post.

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You have made a good post. in this post you share the Darbar Of Baba Sakhi Lal Habib Sarkar. Thanks for sharing

08.05.2021 17:31

Masha Allah
Good to see your attendance at Darbar

08.05.2021 17:57

Mashallah nice post @mehrbanfaiz .your post is really a good post .

08.05.2021 22:55