Xiaomi mosquito repellent machine

Xiaomi mosquito repellent machine

Xiaomi mosquito repellent machine seems to be fashionable these days, I bought three sets and is in use. I used it quite a bit.

I am going to learn more about this product because it is a Chinese product.

The filter in this product is said to be the main component is called tetrafurutrin. I found that this was the same ingredient as Transfluthrin. It has several names.

As for this product, it was the same product with the homematrix Alpha Auto. And as advertised in Xiaomi, Ase Pharma's mosquito repellent products are selling a lot of products containing this substance.

This ingredient is a safe ingredient in the mosquito repellent.

Xiaomi looks better because of its convenience and convenience in designing or putting it in a wall outlet in preparation for a home mat with the same composition and function

The filter replacement is about 5 ~ 6,000 won for one filter at the time of Ali straight line. I think you can use it continuously if you think about replacing it once a year.

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