Xiao Mei Capsule Coffee Machine

Xiao Mei Capsule Coffee Machine

I am using Nespresso Milk for about 200,000 won at home.

I did not want to eat mix in the office, so I bought Xiao Mei machine.

There are two products with similar designs and prices that are inexpensive: the water control lever is a manual lever type as shown below

An expensive product has an electronic wheel with a water control lever.

The biggest difference is that you can control the water temperature and water through the app. The same design is the same except for the part in the picture below. Nespresso, but the actual coffee extract is likely to be the same.

Press the soft button for about 1 second to turn on and warm up for the first 20 to 30 seconds (LED blinks)

Depending on the rubber position, the part where the quantity indicator turns on is not expected, but it is expensive considering the price.

After the preheating is finished, when the button is pressed while the LED is steadily lit, hot water is generated as much as set, and the portion where the indicator goes out as much as the remaining quantity is also made well.

If you do not touch after using it is not confirmed by a few minutes, the power automatically turns off. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds or longer to turn it off.

The back part of the tank is a flotation type lid that can be opened and closed with one hand and is separated like a Nespresso product.

Open the lab, put the capsule in the hole in the picture below, and close the lid (you have to press it with a little force when you put the capsule).

The picture below is a table showing the required quantity according to the number of pieces of gauge and the amount of coffee after extraction.

I did not expect to see criticism in Clint, but it's surprisingly good. The most important part of the coffee extract is the difference between a Nespresso machine and a flip-type bucket lid or a height adjustable, water-dropping bucket, which seems to be better.

The price is quite low considering that 40 capsules of 10 different flavors (including Decaffeine 1) are given in total 40 when purchased.

I've only used the plastic-compatible capsules that are supplied with them, and I think it's okay to use Nespresso capsules in the future.

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