Use of European picket fence

Use of European picket fence

I just recently went to Paris on my honeymoon.

It was my first trip to Europe except for London, which I had traveled a few years ago. When I got ready, I was worried about Paris pickpockets being so infamous. (I have just turned to the iPhone XS ...)

After several months of research, there were two measures to prevent pickpockets.

  1. Thoroughly inspect your crossbag with your wallet and passport.
  2. Do not pull out the phone as much as possible. Put straps / rings that will not fall off your hands even if you take them out.

As a result, I was able to play a role.

  1. Cross back-pack safe LS140 model


It seems that 7 to 80 percent of the worries of picking up this product and getting picked up have been reduced.

In this field is the product of the famous Pack Safe. Once in appearance, it looks plain, but inside it is supported by a net made of thin wire, so it can not be torn by the knife, and the shoulder strap also contains metal wire, which can not be broken.

Inside, there was a RFID anti-hacking pocket, so it was safe to keep your passport or credit card. And there is a strap that can be strapped, so you can connect it to your wallet with a spring cord that is sold at Daiso.

After putting things like this, the zipper has become able to hang the legs on a separate hook. There is a spring on the ring which is hidden in a small pocket, so when you put your legs on the zipper, you drag it into your pocket to cover / cover.

There is a lot of locks on the zipper for security, but there is a lot of trouble every time I open it, and I can block enough to open a zipper to someone swiftly. If you want to steal things, you have to go through the cumbersome process of pulling the hooks out - loosening the hooks - opening the zipper.

The capacity is considerably larger than it looks. Someone said that I went in with DSLR, but I was able to store plenty of passport / wallet / film camera (minilux) / glasses case. Depending on the application, it may be ok to look at other products from the same company.

  1. iPhone XS Lander Torrey Case

I bought a necklace-type case, a wrist strap case, and a case that I purchased.

I found it in Apple's home and bought everything I wanted.

At first, I tried not to pull out the phone even if I had a strap.

But this strap has a spleen function so you can tighten it tightly rather than loosely on your wrist.

That's it. If you fix it like this, you will not be able to snatch anyone unless you cut it with a knife.

And luckily, there seem to be a lot of robberies in Paris, even if there are a lot of pickpockets.

Thanks to the freedom of the mobile phone while traveling (even on the infamous subway)

I was able to take photographs at will and use Google Maps.


I have had a similar experience with pickpockets during my one week trip.

When I went to the Louvre museum, I was surrounded by Gypsy signers. Fortunately, without escalating the war.

At that time, I could not feel the approaching motion to search for my wife's things.

I went to a basic but definite contrast, and I was able to enjoy traveling with ease.

According to a wife who had visited Paris a few years ago

Compared to that time, pickpockets in the city of Paris seem to have disappeared.

At that time, they said that their hands grew in and out of here and there. (Especially if you take the subway)

If there was a difference, then it was a trip of women only (wife and mother-in-law)

It was during the holiday season that the tour was overflowing with tourists in the middle of August.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, I think it is better for you to choose the off-peak season as much as possible for safety reasons.

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